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Ares AEG G36C
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Average Rating 5/5 (9)
Item SKU: AR-006
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Reviewed by Mike on 12/11/2013
Really nice gun, i converted mine to take M4 mags. The reason it doesnt get 5 stars despite it's awesomeness is i had a few technical difficulties with it cutting out, not firing and all sorts, but i get it re-wired with low resistance wiring and fitted with deans connectors and that sorted it, beastly rate of fire now! also after a year it's managed to drop from 340 to 255 fps! Had it chrono'd and i was a little upset! Also the rear sight couldnt go low enough to be able to actually use the front sight, maybe i was unlucky but now i've fixed it up with a holographic, it's an absolute dream, my little star

Reviewed by Richard on 04/10/2013
I have owned One of these since I broght it in 2007 at my first ever airsoft game at the national airsoft event and have never had any issue with what type of BB's it uses. I highly recommend the Zero One 0.25 BB's be cause I find with this rifle the accuracy is amazing. Maybe the issue might lye with the user. Do you clean, grease and maintain your guns. Afetr a event my rifles get striped down cleaned and regressed. and after 2 to 3 years it may help to replace the piston as it is only plastic and will wear down.

Reviewed by Matthew on 31/05/2013
really great gun wont let you down, well worth the price tag

Reviewed by mark on 25/04/2013
Totaly awesome g36,shoots very hard,very easy to adjust hop up ,great range ,blowback is amazing ,noisy with lots of recoil,feels great to shoot,very easy strip down plus quick change sping and finaly micro switch trigger...a MUST buy at this price very happy

Reviewed by Damian on 11/11/2012
i must say if your looking for a G36c then i would highly recomend this gun, mine was 389fps out the box but i brought a new spring which took about 5 mins from start to finish to change with no problems feels very well built, looks, well looks like a G36c, no problems as of yet !! mags.... ive tried a chinese 1 which didnt fit i also tried Dboys mags which dont fit either, after reading these reviews i might try the king arms mags

Reviewed by Mike on 07/10/2012

Reviewed by David on 16/04/2012
This gun has great build quality. The internals look like they have been upgraded already. The spring can be changed without having to dismantle the gun. Was firing 345fps out of the box and the only downside i can think of is the blowback/recoil system is very noisy but is easy to disable. A silencer is also recommended if you like a quiet gun. The hicap mag included is still the best one i own, top quality!!

Reviewed by ed on 28/03/2012
not technically a review, but james doesnt know what hes talking about. bbs jamming means low quality bbs, not gun. it means the gun is built to finer tolerances for better power and accuracy, so if your gun is fussy about pellets, try a few brands (maybe even ask the gun maker for a recommendation) to see what it likes. also, maintenance can be key. make sure theres no grit or anything like damage inside the gun, this can cause problems, and further damage.

Reviewed by James on 18/05/2010
perfect G36C but the only thing not giving this gun a 5star is be careful what bb\'s you use. mine kept jamming in the gun which is a huge pain when youve got your sights on someone! = fail. also get the best battery you can get!!! just incase have a cleaning rod by you at all times with this gun. love el pistola

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