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Zero One Pro Gas
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Reviewed by Maida on 15/04/2015
This is really good stuff! It may not be branded, but it's still brilliant quality.

Reviewed by Chris on 26/12/2014
Recommend this gas, will prob be the only gas I buy from now

Reviewed by Monika on 07/07/2014
This is the cheapest gas I have seen around and it is absolutely the best gas I have ever used in a gbb. It performs exceptionally giving good power whilst slightly lubing the gun. Love it! Would recommend to anyone!

Reviewed by Carole on 30/09/2013
very good gas at a very affordable price. one charge fired over 7 mags through my 1911 ext barrel which is exactly the same as many more expensive brands of gas. only issue is they don't do a "travel can" of about 250ml which is annoying if u use your pistol a lot (PLEASE DO A SMALLER VERSION!!!)

Reviewed by Bradley on 15/07/2013
Does exactly what it said and the "UPL" thing fix the leak on my two 2nd hand magazines (I think the previous owner ran pure-propane through them). I used this on probably one of the hottest days in the UK so I can't comment on cold performance as I really don't know. I had a 2000 bottle of BB's and this literally lasted almost exactly 2000 shots through my Tokyo Marui M9 Tac' Master. Really good gas, I genuinely dont think you can buy better gas, I only wish they made a half size one for taking to the field in skirmishing

Reviewed by Edward on 30/01/2013
Used this stuff with me !0 year old TM Desert Eagle... almost broke my wrist.. its the dogs this stuff. Amazing price and Mega quality

Reviewed by Dan on 22/09/2012
Excellent gas at a very good price.

Reviewed by Joshua on 11/04/2012
This gas is accually what it says on the tin "Perfection. Bottled." I couldn't think of a better way to put it. Everything that you will read on the sales page of this gas is so true, I used it today for the first time in my new pistol, and the power was immence. Even in an old Sig, It makes the gun sound new. I would really recomend this over any other gas!!

Reviewed by Paul on 03/04/2012
Amazing Gas, and super cheap!! I use this with my KJ Works P226 which is fully metal and the blowback action with this gas is simply BRILLIANT. A little gas goes a long way with this and an added bonus is that it lubricates as well. 11/10 for this gas it's just the best for the job. Deffinately recommend buying this for any gas weapon.

Reviewed by Adam on 29/03/2012
Great gas. Works great with my TM1911A1

Reviewed by David on 06/01/2012
Fantastic price, loads of gas, I would seriously recommend for most gas using guns unless pressure is a concern. I would highly recommend this as a good purchase

Reviewed by Samuel on 23/11/2011
Good quality gas. Comes in a bottle that is larger than the old green gas bottles. Probably better for a gun with decent seals, as I am losing alot of gas on the first shot because of the pressure. Awesome blow-back though. Would recommend over other brands

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Zero One Pro Gas
Zero One Pro Gas
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