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G&G Combat Machine AEG CM16 Carbine
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Reviewed by Richard on 13/02/2015
I brought this gun over 2 years ago and it is still going solid today. The only internal modifications done to it is I have a M100 spring put in it, besides that it is still going solid. I've added a fore grip, sight, rails on the hand guard and a suppressor and I can't be any more happy with this gun. It was my first gun and even after 2 years I don't want to get rid of it. Highly recommend it!

Reviewed by Michael on 06/10/2014
Great gun for first time players. Accurate, reliable yet not a bad price. However if you want to start adding accessories then this is not the gun for you as it can be a bit of a hassle.

Reviewed by Shaun on 24/09/2014
This is perfect for the first time player or for one more experienced player. Out of the box the guns accuracy was spot on, did not have to adjust anything. For this as a second gun. Great value for money.

Reviewed by Oliver on 08/06/2014
very powerful, not too hot for a cqb site. Parts are good, gearbox is nice, no flex. Overall definitely a very good first gun. I did end up upgrading the stock to a fake magpul, and the sights are quite linear and hard to see to the side of, but doesn't matter, because you can take them off. 5/5

Reviewed by Cameron on 03/03/2014
My first gun, absolutely fantastic rifle. Very versatile, sounds great, works great and the price tag is just brilliant. I'd recommend this to anyone on a budget 100%.

Reviewed by Sam on 03/09/2013
first gun i ever bought and it works a treat and it can take a beating.

Reviewed by Kevin on 03/03/2013
These guns are so good I have just bought a second one for my boys. The first has been brilliant for a year, not one problem, other than the usual mag wobble fixed with a bit of tape so I will say once again if you are looking for your first airsoft gun then DO NOT BUY ANYTHING CHEAPER FROM ELSEWHERE, (you know the ones I mean those orange ones from that fat guy and other such sites) buy the G&G CM16 CARBINE which will last you for years

Reviewed by mark on 17/02/2013
perfict for first time players or experienced ones, i got this gun to start a custom project and to get to grips with inturnal working, BEST GUN IV GOT BEST! THING IV EVER DONE

Reviewed by Graham on 12/02/2013
Would of had this gun for 2 years this May and all I can say is that it holds its ground. It's one of the cheaper AEG's, great for beginners and I play on a woodland site so it's had some bashes and it's been prodded in mud a couple of times not to mention the almost rainforest like rain I had with it once but it still goes strong with little maintenance. Out of the box it chronoed about 340 ish but then it shot up to about 360-365 which was for me over the sites limit, however after readjusting my hop-up it shoots under 350 so it should be a safe bet without changing springs. The only downfall to gun is that after a while you just don't get a feel of wow with it, you get what you pay for and by all means its a great starter AEG but I'm looking at replacing mine because it just doesn't give me the kick, however I can't mark it down because its what you expect from one of the lower priced AEG's and by all means its a great gun. Also in terms of battery performance I got a high capacity(cant remember the maH) from Airsoft world and it lasts a full days skirmish although at the end you can tell that it's empty so you should get 2 batteries and swap at lunch.

Reviewed by julie on 11/02/2013
Brought this as my first gun, and would recommend it to anyone

Reviewed by Tom on 17/08/2012
This gun is the perfect for the first time player or for one more experienced player. the guns accuracy is unprecedented in its class it can hit a target at 50m with grouping of about a square foot. The price is perfect and it allows for the player to spend some more money kitting him or herself out with accessories for the gun, a combat vest, a camelbak for longer games and of course plenty of BBs for the more trigger happy player. All in all i have no problems with this gun as the barrel is already tight fitting meaning no costly upgrades to the barrel.

Reviewed by Kai on 19/07/2012
After a lot of searching I decided to buy this as my first rifle, I've had it for a while now am very pleased with the performance and range despite it's plastic frame. I bought it two-tone which was green on the handguard, stock, carry handle and flash hider, which are all easily replaceable if you get a UKARA licence. There was slight mag wobble which didn't really matter but a bit of electric tape around it made it sturdier. Overall brilliant gun 100% pleased with it, highly recommended.

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G&G Combat Machine AEG CM16 Raider
G&G Combat Machine AEG CM16 Raider
G&G Combat Machine AEG CM16 Carbine
G&G Combat Machine AEG CM16 Carbine
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