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CAA Cheekpiece for M4 Retractable Stocks v1... 15.95GBP▲ 79.62%Metal Capbadge - Para Regiment... 1.31GBP▲ 39.36%British Genuine Issue Soldier 2000 Shorts (Desert DPM) - Size 30"... 5.10GBP▼ 19.81%Laylax (First Factory) G39 Hybrid Stock System including Stock... 65.11GBP▲ 12.43%Guarder Spare Arms for Guarder 2006 Glasses... 1.16GBP▼ 0.85%5.11 Sabre Jacket (Coyote Brown) - Size Extra Large... 78.89GBP▲ 3.69%5.11 ATAC Storm 8" Boot (Black) - Size 12... 58.07GBP▼ 37.63%NCS 12-40x70 Mega Zoom Binoculars with Pouch... 38.20GBP▼ 37.03%Weekend Warrior Women's Camo Swimming Suit (Digital Desert) - Size Small... 18.12GBP▲ 4.14%G&G LAPD SWAT Badge... 22.31GBP▲ 47.55%KSC GBB Mag for USG Compact 21rds System 7... 29.04GBP▲ 3.27%Mil-Force Drop Leg Multi Magazine Pouch for 3x PM5 (Olive)... 20.46GBP▲ 49.67%HurricanE Air Nozzle for G3... 1.85GBP▲ 83.17%APS Rhino Flip-Up Front Sight (Dark Earth)... 11.36GBP▲ 95.52%Mechanix Gauntlet Gloves (Black) - Size Large... 31.40GBP▲ 34.36%WE GBB Mag for G17/G18 Double Barrel... 17.06GBP▼ 24.78%Guarder Spare Lens for Guarder 2005 Glasses - Yellow... 1.06GBP▼ 37.65%Rank Slide Pair (DPM) - WO2... 1.48GBP▼ 41.27%Blackhawk CQC SERPA Holster for Beretta M92F Right Hand (Olive)... 35.24GBP▲ 53.08%Tru-Spec U.S. Genuine Issue Army Combat Rip-Stop Shirt (ACU) - Chest M 37-41"... 22.52GBP▲ 5.98%British Genuine Issue Soldier 2000 Windproof Smock (DPM) - Chest 112cm... 18.22GBP▼ 2.62%Magpul PTS Rainier Arms Mini Compensator 14mm CCW... 17.33GBP▼ 10.25%7.62 Design T-Shirt 'Marines Unleashed' (Tan) - Size Medium... 3.73GBP▲ 6.57%Viper Combat Shirt (Olive) - Size Small... 19.85GBP▲ 7.76%NCS 20-60x60 High Resolution Spotting Scope with Carry Case (Black)... 43.35GBP▼ 7.37%82nd Airborne (Colour)... 2.37GBP▲ 8.22%7.62 Design T-Shirt 'Death Before Dismount' (Black) - Size Medium... 2.75GBP▼ 37.5%G&G Steel Rear Sight for UMG... 8.38GBP▼ 22.26%Tru-Spec Tactical Response Shirt (Digital Woodland) - Size Small 33-37"... 27.12GBP▼ 14.31%5.11 Scene One Gloves (Black) - Size Extra Large... 23.01GBP▲ 4.64%
Viper Warrior Shirt (Olive) - Size Small
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▲ 5.84%
Tokyo Marui Long Type Barrel Mount
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▼ 18.3%
Jack Pyke Shotgun Cleaning Kit
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▼ 6.08%

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FMA MA3 Multi-Mission Sling (MultiCam)
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About Us
Here & Now

We are a real business, run by real people, working in a real office, helping real customers, sending out real orders from a real warehouse to real people.

Zero One is, and has always been, a family business. Run by down-to-earth director Dan (previously father & son team Dan & Neal) and family & friends Sarah, Nathan, Steve, Tom, Dean, Alex, Adam, Dave, Conor & Ron. We are the oldest, and probably the largest airsoft company in the UK with a worldwide reputation.

We operate from our newly built warehouse and offices in Poole, Dorset where you can be assured of a warm welcome. Wherever possible we hold any product we sell here in stock (subject to availability) in order to provide the best possible service. We insist, wherever possible, to deal with the manufacturers directly to ensure quick stock turnaround and support with spare parts. In some instances we will not carry a brand if we can not deal with the manufacturer. This is to protect the service we offer and ultimately you, our customer. Currently we deal with just under 50 manufacturers directly, and hold 3 of our own brand labels.

Our technical staff are highly experienced in their field and you will find their knowledge amongst the best in the industry, with years of experience both here and as players themselves. We hold tooling, spares and machinery on site to carry out any works needed, providing you with support and backup long after any sale.

We created and own one of the largest individual skirmish sites in the country, Ground Zero, which is host to the National Airsoft Event each year - one of the biggest airsoft gatherings in the world. We also operate our own airsoft web forum, Zero In, which again is one of the most popular in the UK.

As you can imagine, we've been around a long time. We've seen and done lots in the industry. We were one of the founding members of the United Kingdom Airsoft Retailers Association and to date reside on the executive committee.

We're an all-round bedrock company - one you can put your trust in.

G&G 2015
G&G 2015

Our History

Zero One was established in 1997 as a "pocket money project" by Dan, our director. The aim was simple; to deliver a range of airsoft kit at great prices with a professional level of service.

Within months it became apparent that there was a high demand for a forward-thinking company offering an increasing amount of products at record-breaking prices. At the time we traded from home and were constantly investing money back into the company to bring more and more range and choice of products.

Zero One was the first UK airsoft retailer specifically tailored to trade airsoft products online with a web store. We won't lie, it took off very fast and we kept pace with demand all the time, developing bigger and better websites along the way. We were also instrumental in reducing the price of airsoft kit as a whole in the UK - pre '97 prices were as high as £300 for a plastic AEG, £50 for a standard battery or £40 for a magazine!

Over the years we've grown our stock and staff and of course had the need to change premises a few times along the way. We're proud that we've built our company up from "nothing" without bank loans or big promises, and like to think we're where we are at because of our hard work and our honest approach.

In 2007 we began manufacturing our own brands of clothing and accessory products to compliment what we already offer - both for price, variation and quality. In 2009 we went one step further and introduced a whole range of consumable products at, again, record breaking prices with exceptional quality as always. We intend to build on our brands and push the envelope further in the future.

Whilst we've moved on to bigger and better things as a company, our principals still remain the same today, 21 years later.

Mil-Force 2009 ICS 2009
Taser USA 2009 G&G 2013
Mil-Force 2003
Hong Kong
Mil-Force 2008
Dan Sarah Steve
Nathan Dean Sean Steve T Rich
Dave Conor Jay Alex Ron

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NCS 3/8" Dovetail to 20mm Rail Scope Mount Adaptor
NCS 3/8" Dovetail to 20mm Rail Scope Mount Adaptor
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