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Input your details into our handy calculator to convert your gun’s power between different weights of BB.

  • Step 1: Enter the Velocity from your chronograph
  • Step 2: Enter the BB Weight that you used to chronograph (defaulted to 0.25g for convenience)
  • Step 3: Done, you can now read the estimated velocity on a 0.20g BB below.

Zero One Airsoft Calculator
BB Weight: Grams
Energy: Joules
Raw Energy: Joules
New BB Weight: Grams
Estimated Velocity: FPS
Raw Velocity: FPS
Estimated Velocity: MPS
Raw Velocity: MPS

To help you stay within your site’s FPS limit, this tool is preset to convert an FPS reading from firing with a 0.25g BB to the equivalent FPS for a 0.20g BB. The input and output BB weights can be adjusted according to your needs, and the energy value (not essential) may also be entered if known to skip a step.
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