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One of the most famous guns in world, and typical european police issue. Regular blowback action makes this pistol feel very realistic to fire, and this model has all the features you would expect from a high quality Marui blowback gun.
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Tokyo Marui GBB G17 Features...
–•Velocity Feet Per Second (FPS): 280
—•Length: 205mm
–•Weight (with Magazine): 750g
—•Inner Barrel Length: 97mm

–•Typical Glock Robust Design
—•Night Sights Included

* Any technical or performance figures listed are based on a spot test we performed at a given point in time. These may vary WILDLY because of random alterations made by the manufacturer from batch to batch, gas pressure, ambient temperature, battery charge and so on. Some of the figures therefore should be treated as a very loose guide or indication only, based on the spot tests we have performed. The images and product contents listed are again based on a spot check we performed at a given point in time, and may differ due to changes, omissions or inclusions made by the manufacturer. If you require something specific, such as FPS, you MUST specify this at time of ordering, and take a tuning option where required.
What's in the box...
–•25rds Magazine
—•200rds BB
–•Clearing Rod

Zero One Pro Gas
Zero One Pro Gas
Zero One Blitz BB 0.20g 5000rds (White)
Zero One Blitz BB 0.20g 5000rds (White)
Tokyo Marui GBB Mag for G17/G18c/G26 Advance
Tokyo Marui GBB Mag for G17/G18c/G26 Advance
Zero One Rugged Pistol Carry Case 32cm (Black)
Zero One Rugged Pistol Carry Case 32cm (Black)
Guarder Aluminium Slide for Tokyo Marui G17
Guarder Aluminium Slide for Tokyo Marui G17
Guarder Enhanced Recoil Spring Guide for Marui G17
Guarder Enhanced Recoil Spring Guide for Marui G17
Daft Donkey Christmas T-Shirt 'Merry Christmas You Filthy Animal' (Olive) - Size Medium
Daft Donkey Christmas T-Shirt 'Merry Christmas You Filthy Animal' (Olive) - Size Medium
Daft Donkey T-Shirt 'Babe Just Hit It' (Navy) - Size Extra Extra Large
Daft Donkey T-Shirt 'Babe Just Hit It' (Navy) - Size Extra Extra Large

Reviewed by Ryan on 24/09/2015
Fantastic out of the box, although chrono'd slightly low at 260 fps. Still when using 0.25g BB's it has great range for a pistol. Magazine's hold a good amount of gas, enough for at least 2 full mags of BB's (~50 shots). Really nice recoil for a polymer pistol, works great on ZeroOne's own Pro Gas. Pistol strips down really easily for cleaning and maintenance. All the trademarks are there on the left hand side and the magazine and it really looks the part. Definitely one of the best pistols in the world, expected nothing less from TM, and once again great service from ZeroOne!
Reviewed by George-Adrian on 12/10/2014
Superb gun! It is made in Japan so we would expect it to be. Very high grouping, can shoot mosquitoes with ease. It feels really well and the recoil is very nice. Lube it and it will go flawlessly. The details are incredible, good weight since the ”real steel” is polymer and this one is ABS. You want a gun that works, this is it! I simply love it! Got the Marui CQ-FLASH No. 169 Flashlight on it and it fits perfectly! Extra mag and a leg holster and bring down the Zombies cos you got a very reliable tactical weapon. :P PS: 280 FPS but goes far enough and ”deadly” accurate!
Reviewed by James on 31/08/2013
Nice kick to it i had abit of problems with it at first. But all of you just about to buy this gun i would suggest to lube it up with silicone!!! this is where i went wrong as the slide lodged out of place with the gun. So remember too lube it but otherwise i cove this gun James UnionTeam
Reviewed by Sam on 09/02/2013
great gun, easy to use and easier to maintain. very reliable and well worth the money
Reviewed by Tom on 13/05/2012
Absolutely love this pistol! Great service as always from Zerone! Solidly built and a pleasure to use. Had mine for about 4 months now and had no issues with it! An extremely reliable gun to have. Without a shadow of a doubt 10/10!
Reviewed by Alex on 04/01/2012
I have owned mine for over 6 months and have run it mainly on 134a. It kicks nicely and thanks to strengthened parts, handles green well out of the box. This gun is the benchmark for reliability. It has never misfired or vented. It is heavier than the real 17 despite the slide being plastic, that however is not an issue. It looks and feels great. All trademarks are where they should be except on the mag plate. The night sights are a fantastic bonus for both day and night shooting. Definite 5/5. Very lefty friendly and has a ton of aftermarket parts. Instantly pointable, a joy to skirmish with. Mine hits 290fps on green and is very consistent and possesses good accuracy out to 30 metres. Go and buy one.
Reviewed by Gary on 12/08/2010
Got this as my first pistol and really like it and would recommend it to anyone. easy to strip down for maintainace or uprades, i changed the sights to the glow in the dark ones within 5 miniutes of opening the box, the only down side is minor and i heard common in gas blow back pistols, if the gas is cold and the gun is fired too rapidly it will stick a little.
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