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Mechanix Original Vent Gloves (Black) - Size Extra Large
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The evergreen S.A.A.V. offers amazing load carrying potential that has minimal impact on the operators manoeuvrability. The vest offers four mag pouches at the front of the vest, a large storage or hydration bladder pouch on the rear and several other pouches in various sizes placed on the vest. This vest can hold a host of equipment for any operational needs.
Viper South African Assault Vest (Olive) Features...

–•Huge Variety of Storage Options
—•Padded Quick Release Straps
–•One Size Fits Most
—•Colours Available: Black, Olive & DPM

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Reviewed by George Lloyd on 05/06/2009
I have this vest in OD colour, Ive had it for around a year or so originaly for the Army Cadets but now also use it for Airsoft so it has seen a lot. It accomodates most M16/M4/SA80 style magazines it will take G36 style mags but takes some fumbling but the dump/side pouches come in handy there, with a bit of practice you'll be fine. It has loads of loops for radios, maglites etc. It has a water bladder pouch on the backwith a smaller pouch underneath I dont own a camel back but use its pouch for waterproofs or rations and the smaller pouch for a first aid kit. The only drawback with full back pockets is that it is hell carrying a bergen but I make do. On an average Cadet exersise the main pockets will accomodate most things like rations, mess tins, hexi burner, ammunition etc. As far as Airsoft is concerned, it will be just fine and is in the right price range for a beginer. Overall a great piece of kit from viper however if you are looking for something better, then look towards Web-Tex.
Reviewed by Edward Dodd on 23/02/2009
I bought this vest as my previous budget vest essentially disentergrated on me and without a vest i manage to lose almost all of my eqquipment. overall i have this far found this vest to be very good having a large number of puches that can fit most things in and it has 4 mag pouches. I only gave the vest 4 stars as it has 2 dump bags when i think one should be replaced to make use for other all purpose pouches, but apart from that this is undoubtebly a 5 star vest and well worth the price tag.
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