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Tokyo Marui Spring VSR-10 G-Spec with Laylax Zero Trigger Upgrade Package (Bundle) ~500fps © Copyright Zero One Airsoft

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If you've been airsofting for more than a year you probably already know everything there is to know about this rifle. It is, like it's brother the Pro Sniper, the most iconic sniper rifle platform out there and if you've ever thought about being a sniper it's the go to choice. It's modelled after the Remington M700 but with every part being thought about and designed for use in airsoft. The magazine release is a little button under the body that when pressed drops the magazine into your hand, and a newly inserted magazine leaves your hand in the right position ready to fire. The hop adjustment lever can be reached by your thumb whilst you're on target for those on-the-fly adjustments with distinctive clicks between adjustment. The smooth sleek body and flush magazine allow you to poke the gun out of long grass or bushes for unobstructed shooting and most importantly move out without snagging on your surroundings. The suppressor really makes a difference on the G-Spec, the otherwise very noticeable crack from firing is pretty much removed with the suppressor on. Remove the suppressor and the rifle is significantly shorter making it easier for transport and storage, or just use through tight spaces. The suppressor is unique to the G-Spec, but you can get an adaptor to add your own suppressor (or tracer unit) to decrease or increase the guns length (or cool factor). With this upgrade package we have put the very finest Japanese parts into an already exquisite body to give you the crème de la crème of sniper rifles, and with the Zero Trigger option on this package your sniper rifle will be the envy of your peers as you effortlessly take shot after shot.

Keep in mind with an upgraded spring the cocking mechanism does get quite tough, so you may need to make sure you drink an Energy Drink or 2 before the skirmish.
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Tokyo Marui Spring VSR-10 G-Spec with Laylax Zero Trigger Upgrade Package (Bundle) ~500fps Features...
Spring20mm Rail (Option)Bolt ActionSound SuppressorStock - FixedUpgraded Spring

    Tech Specs...
    • Velocity Feet Per Second (FPS): 500
    • Min Length: 950mm
    • Max Length: 1040mm
    • Weight (with Magazine): 2150g
    • Inner Barrel Length: 303mm

    • This is the fully assembled, upgraded, ready-to-fire rifle.
    • The parts we use in the complete upgrade package are listed below.
What's in the box...
Rifle30rds100rdsCleaning RodManual
Any technical or performance figures listed are based on a spot test we performed at a given point in time. These may vary WILDLY because of random alterations made by the manufacturer from batch to batch, gas pressure, ambient temperature, battery charge and so on. Some of the figures therefore should be treated as a very loose guide or indication only, based on the spot tests we have performed. The images and product contents listed are again based on a spot check we performed at a given point in time, and may differ due to changes, omissions or inclusions made by the manufacturer. If you require something specific, such as FPS, you MUST specify this at time of ordering, and take a tuning option where required.

Any images and/or product contents listed are based on a spot check we performed at a given point in time, and may differ due to changes, omissions or inclusions made by the manufacturer without notice.

AirsoftBb GunSoftairPelletBolt ActionSpring Sniper RifleBoltieGspecRifleSnipersTmUpgradedTokyoMaruiSpringVSR-10G-SpecLaylaxZeroTriggerUpgradePackageBundle500fps
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