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The Viper Tactical Glove is constructed from leather and features a rougher surface on the fingers and palm area for increased grip. The gloves also feature increased padding around the back of the hand, thumb and fingers for greater protection.
Viper Tactical Gloves - Size Medium Features...
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–•Material: Leather
—•Extra Protective Padding
–•Elasticated Wrist
—•Sizes Available: S, M, L, XL, XXL

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Reviewed by Mike Ford on 07/01/2007
In reply to the previous review, I have a pair of these gloves and they work perfect for everything except when you have to do somthing fiddly such as reload a pistol mag or change a battery, for somthing like that you would have to take them off but apart from that they are pretty good. As for them getting soggy, all gloves would get soggy if you got them wet but ive skirmished when it absolutly chucked it down with these on and my hands where dry as a bone, about the only way there going to get soggy is if you dunk them into a pool of water and undo the wrist straps. They provide a good all round quality protection for the hands but WILL require the user to break them in as they are some kind of leather type material in of which just like all type like that is a little stiff but mine work perfectly now. So Yes, grab a pair if your after full finger protection, warm hands but dont mind taking them off to do fiddly things.
Reviewed by Calum Vaughan on 12/10/2006
I'd urge anyone thinking of buying these to only use them in the summer as they can get a bit soggy and aren't really for winter use.
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