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Ares Mid-Cap, L85/L86/M16 RG Type, 130rd © Copyright Zero One Airsoft

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SKU: L85-130
pID: 2228

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Reviewed by Ivan on 15/08/2013
Very good mag to use on any weapon that will take M16 mags. I have used the RG mags in my L85 and SR416 and they feed very well. In an airsoft match someone borrowed a mag and they where very impressed with the feed, the gun he used was an M4A1. The mags feel very realistic and very difficult to break as they are made from brush steel like the rifle its designed for.

Mid CapacityM4MagazineMid-capacityMidcapSa-80Sa80AresMid-CapL85L86M16RGType130rd
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Ares Mid-Cap, L85/L86/M16 RG Type, 130rd
Ares Mid-Cap, L85 / L86 / M16 RG Type, 130rd
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