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G&G MK2 Hand Grenade Replica (Speedloader Bottle) © Copyright Zero One Airsoft

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Reviewed by stephen on 25/08/2017
Great looking grenade for role play and putting bb's in. Now here is the major downfall:The bb's don't like to come out. :( I tried to use this during a break, but it seems you have to shake it hard for a few bb's to come out, instead of it pouring into a magazine. The neck is too small for sufficient bb's to pour out, making it frustrating for anyone in a game, due to needing ammo right away. Another problem is that the spoon's head doesn't have a hole in it when the the handle is released, meaning you have to unscrew the unit to use it. I intend to get the stun grenade version or mass bb loader for future games, as the mk2 replica is better for cosplay than a practical bb loader/carrier.

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