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G&G L85 Susat Scope with Illuminating Reticule © Copyright Zero One Airsoft

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Product ID: 4167
SKU: G-12-017

Average Rating 3/5 (4)

Airsoft,Air Soft,Dorset,Hampshire,Airsoft,Bb Gun,Softair,Pellet,Guay2,Optics,Sa-80,Sa80,Magnified,G&G,L85,Susat,Scope,with,Illuminating,Reticule
Not all optics can withstand direct impact from BBs and on occasion, if you are very unlucky, this can result in chipped, cracked or broken lenses. Damaged lenses are not covered by warranty. Most players take the risk and are never unfortunate enough for it to happen to them, but we recommend purchasing a BB shield to protect your shiny new optic, just in case.

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Reviewed by Steven on 26/04/2015
Bought this to fit on my WE L85A2, however, it doesnt tighten up enough to securely fit on the dovetail. The sight itself is a good replica, with adjustable brightness. I can't fault it on how it looks, but can only give it 3 as it wont fit.
Reviewed by Jack on 29/12/2013
To add upon my last review on 24/01/2012. The SUSAT I originally bought was the non illuminated earlier version. The main flaw with the SUSAT was the small screw head on the back left of the sight. The instructions say to undo it for adjusting the elevation. However contrary to this, the screw was actually fix and the screw head broke. To rectify I filed the head flush flat and re-pained. Since then I have heard the new SUSAT will only attach onto the G&G SA80 and won't tighten far enough on to other SA80 dove tail rails. And will require modification to make fit. Therefore the only positive comment I have for this sight is the ability to use the illumination function which is normally only used in low light levels. Otherwise have compared to a real SUSAT, I would say the Ares SUSAT looks more like a real one if your after a realistic one.
Reviewed by Florin on 09/04/2012
I bought the same item from elsewhere, but just want to add my opinion, maybe it helps. I agree with Jack on most topics, with the following differences: 1.the illumination should work using the knurled screw, it looks nice, like burning, but only when viewing darker areas. 2. same small screw broke at mine on the first use. for a 109.95 pounds item, this is really a shame. 3. when adjusted, the iron sight is way off target as the scope, at mine, right, under 4. the obelisk target has nothing to do with the expected one, it looks like a piece of painted transparent plastic. so, overall, clear lenses, solid built (except of the broken screw), looks smashing on the L85A2, glowing reticle looks nice, but other than that, for me a dissapointment. hope it helps
Reviewed by Jack on 24/01/2012
A nice solid bit of kit. Well made by G&G and worth paying the bit more over other replicas. G&G have done a nice job in making this and it looks very realistic in my opinion with finish and painting they've done. The only problem I've had is in the instructions, it says to undo a small screw on the side before adjusting elavtion at the back. However, the small screw is acturly fixed and dosn't move. And as a result broke when I tried to undo it. However a bit of TLC in the workshop, I had it sorted. The rest of the scope is well made and has a realistic needle as a pose to cross hairs in some other replicas. It fits my ICS L86 great and should fit other L85's, L86's, L85 Carbines and L85 AFV's made by other manufacures. The sight is NOT made for 20mm RIS but for the SA80 family of weapons which have the mounting to accomadate it. It comes in a nice carry case with illustrated instructions and an adjustment tool. Windage requires the tool however you can manage height without the tool. This can be done by compressing the sight and its spring. And then winding the bolt by hand. The sight is of a 4x magnification and has a the built on iron/emergency sight. The real thing can also illumiate I belive using the knurled screw however this one dosn't. The only flaw is the eye relief is a bit small and its a job to use when wearing hi-profile goggles making it a 4 star for me.

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G&G L85 Susat Scope with Illuminating Reticule
G&G L85 Susat Scope with Illuminating Reticule
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