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SKU: G-00-001
pID: 5341

Average Rating 5/5 (3)

Reviewed by Henry on 30/07/2018
This rod is perfect for cleaning all of my barrels!
Reviewed by Steve on 24/02/2015
Bought one of these to replace the one i lost that belonged to my TM Spas12 that i bought in 2004ish. Never been cleaned and spent most of that time collecting dust. Used/lent it in a few games (woodland and cqb) and still seemed good enough. Then i read about the range other people were getting with their trishots.. Ended up buying this, cutting some strips of a j-cloth and dripping silicon lube over them then feeding it through the eye on the end of the rod. Cleaned each barrel of the trishot and the rags came out rather black...took it outside to clear some rounds through and i swear the reach near tripled! fps seemed visibly better too. Wish i had recorded a before/after like some infomercial it was that substantially different. Best £5 spent on airsoft ever! :)
Reviewed by pele on 22/09/2014
Perfect. No complaints what so ever

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