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Smith & Wesson Bullseye Paul Bunyan Hatchet... 17.20GBP▲ 3.68%FMA Double Magazine Clip for PMAG (Dark Earth)... 3.07GBP▲ 13.7%Tru-Spec U.S. BDU Rip-Stop Trousers (Desert Tri-Colour) - Size S 27-31"... 16.79GBP▲ 38.88%5.11 Winter Leggings (Black) - Size Small... 27.05GBP▲ 76.91%Ares GAS Mag BB Strip for AW338 23rds... 8.59GBP▲ 3.62%NCS VISM Small Backpack (Grey)... 11.32GBP▼ 31.35%Mil-Force Operations Bag (MultiCam)... 24.38GBP▲ 17.66%BCB Military Tactical Gloves (Black) - Size Medium... 19.14GBP▲ 17.86%Viper Warrior Shirt (Coyote Tan) - Size Extra Large... 22.07GBP▲ 20.47%Aim Top Reinforced Version 2 Gearbox Shell 8mm... 30.31GBP▲ 17.44%MagPul PTS Polymer Handguard for Masada (Foliage Green)... 18.18GBP▲ 3%Blackhawk ITS HPFU Trousers V2 (MultiCam) - Size 36"... 87.32GBP▲ 4.66%Vanguard PLCE Triple Utility Pouch (DPM)... 8.83GBP▼ 58.7%G&G AEG TR16 CRW Cannon DST with MOSFET (Tan)... 217.50GBP▲ 29.33%Laylax (PSSL96) 80SP Spring for Marui L96... 6.94GBP▲ 9.12%Warsmith MagPul Replica PTS M93 Stock for M4 Series (Tan)... 58.64GBP▲ 125.45%Rank Slide Pair (DPM) - Captain... 2.62GBP▲ 10.55%Cyalume 15" 12 Hour Lightstick (Green)... 4.19GBP▼ 22.69%True Utility Key File... 2.11GBP▼ 7.86%G&G 20mm Tri-Rail Mount (Silver)... 18.89GBP▼ 1.46%Guarder Enhanced Olive Grip for M16/M4... 12.95GBP▲ 8.01%Qualification Badge - 10 Para Drop Zone Patch (Colour)... 1.14GBP▲ 8.57%Viper Tactical Boots (Black) - Size 12... 46.37GBP▼ 7.72%PDI Raven Cylinder for Marui VSR... 37.14GBP▲ 58.58%ICS Reinford Outer Barrel For ICS M4 CQB (Rear Section Only)... 2.91GBP▲ 52.36%Sun Project M203 Barrel Mount Adaptor for Marui M16A1... 13.91GBP▼ 12.46%Systema Aero Cylinder Head (for Version 3 Gearbox)... 5.31GBP▼ 23.71%Tru-Spec Tactical Response Shirt (Digital Desert) - Size Large 41-45"... 22.67GBP▼ 9.21%Jack Pyke Technical Boot Insoles - Size Small (UK 6 to 8)... 5.08GBP▼ 16.45%Web-Tex Warrior 65 Knife (MultiCam)... 8.55GBP▼ 17.31%
Viper MOLLE Ranger Pack (Coyote Tan)
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Systema Jet Nozzle for M16A2
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Tokyo Marui Plastic Hop-Up Unit for Aug
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Airsoft Innovations GAS Cyclone Impact Grenade
Airsoft Innovations GAS Cyclone Impact Grenade
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G&G AEG RK74-E with ETU
G&G AEG RK74-E with ETU

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G&G Armament have brought the venerable Kalashnikov up to date with the incredible RK74 ETU series. Thereís no mistaking the lines of this gun for anything other than a member of the AK family, but the enhancements and upgrades make it a suitable option for most modern operators.

The gas tube and outer barrel of the RK74 blend seamlessly into a brilliantly machined KeyMod handguard. The futuristic finish is exceptional and is further complemented by a deep matte black finish. There is a standard picatinny rail on the top of the handguard and a shorter rail section on the underside, although further rail space can be added to the KeyMod sections. The battery installation is a novel design. A part of the gas block can be unscrewed and moved forwards, allowing a section of the handguard to be lifted away which in turn allows access to the battery compartment.

The metal receiver is rock solid and finished to the same high standard as the handguard. There is an ambidextrous bolt on either side thatís spring loaded and makes for a satisfying clank when released. This can be pulled back to adjust the hop unit, which is a sliding Ďbarí found on most airsoft replica AKís and the selector switch is set in the standard Kalashnikov pattern. A rail traverses the top of the receiver and has enough space to mount most types of optics. The magazine release catch sits forward from the chunky trigger guard which is larger than usual but provides a better match up for the ergonomic grip, which is a huge step forward in comfort from traditional Kalashnikov pistol grips.

The stock is based on a modern GOS-V3 configuration and is extremely comfortable to shoulder. It has five adjustable positions which is handy for fighting in confined spaces and for transportation. Other features include a CR style battery storage compartment and a rubberised butt stock. The new magazine has some great features. Itís a mid capacity that holds 115 rounds and the BB follower has an extended nozzle so every BB feeds into the gun. The AEG comes with bullet stickers to place on the interior of the semi transparent magazine which gives the illusion that itís fully loaded!

Although the AEG looks amazing on the outside, itís the insides that really count. A version 3 gearbox powers the gun replete with high quality components. The RK74 also contains G&Gís ETU system and MOSFET which gives this gun excellent trigger response and allows for rapid firing when semi automatic shooting is required. With a combination of G&Gís excellent hop unit and a 6.04mm barrel, accuracy and range is very impressive.

The build quality really is awesome, itís solid and free from creaks and wobbles. Itís comfortable to shoulder, great to shoot with menacing looks and a foreboding presence.

G&G AEG RK74-E with ETU Features...
G&G GT AdvancedAEG20mm Rail (Option)Front SightRear SightStock - Retractable
 Velocity Feet Per Second (FPS): 335
 Gearbox Version (GBV): 3
 Min Length: 810mm
 Max Length: 900mm
 Battery Type: KA-BAT-20
 Weight (with Magazine): 3200g
 Inner Barrel Length: 357mm
 Thread Type: 14mm CCW

Electronic Trigger Unit - Means faster trigger response, prevents locking during rapid single shot and prevents trigger burns.
3rds Burst Mode

GOS-V3 Style Stock
KeyMod Handguard
Ergonomic Grip
Retractable & Foldable Stock
Ambidextrous Charging Handle
Extended Magazine Follower
TB Barrel

* G&Gs new ETU includes technology that will automatically stop the gun from operating if it detects the battery voltage is too low. Once you disconnect the battery it will likely still operate in guns without this technology, as those products will allow the battery to drain completely flat. This means when using a G&G gun with ETU, your battery must be fully charged or the automatic cut off feature will kick in. This feature is designed to protect your battery as well as the advanced control board inside. To avoid disappointment ensure your batteries are discharged and freshly charged before use. This is known as 'cycling' your batteries. This technique also improves battery performance by promoting battery life and memory.

* This product requires a 9.6v battery to operate. Lower voltage batteries will not be recognised by the ETU. * Any technical or performance figures listed are based on a spot test we performed at a given point in time. These may vary WILDLY because of random alterations made by the manufacturer from batch to batch, gas pressure, ambient temperature, battery charge and so on. Some of the figures therefore should be treated as a very loose guide or indication only, based on the spot tests we have performed. The images and product contents listed are again based on a spot check we performed at a given point in time, and may differ due to changes, omissions or inclusions made by the manufacturer. If you require something specific, such as FPS, you MUST specify this at time of ordering, and take a tuning option where required.

What's in the box...
Rifle120rdsCleaning RodManual
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