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G&G Combat Machine AEG with Blowback GR15 Raider © Copyright Zero One Airsoft

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Product ID: 5775

Average Rating 5/5 (18)

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Tested in house with Zero One Blitz 0.20g BBs
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G&G Combat Machine AEG with Blowback GR15 Raider Features...
G&G GC IntermediateAEG BlowbackNiMHNiCD20mm RailsFront SightRear SightStock - Retractable
G&G Made In TaiwanLatest Generation - Direct From Factory

    Tech Specs...
    • Velocity Feet Per Second (FPS): 328
    • Rounds Per Minute (RPM): 600
    • Gearbox Version (GBV): 2
    • Min Length: 670mm
    • Max Length: 765mm
    • Battery Type: Zero One Tesla Battery 8.4v 2200mAh NiMH (Crane)
    • Weight (with Magazine): 2750g
    • Inner Barrel Length: 233mm
    • Thread Type: 14mm CCW
What's in the box...
Rifle450rds1000rdsCleaning RodManual
Any technical or performance figures listed are based on a spot test we performed at a given point in time. These may vary WILDLY because of random alterations made by the manufacturer from batch to batch, gas pressure, ambient temperature, battery charge and so on. Some of the figures therefore should be treated as a very loose guide or indication only, based on the spot tests we have performed. The images and product contents listed are again based on a spot check we performed at a given point in time, and may differ due to changes, omissions or inclusions made by the manufacturer. If you require something specific, such as FPS, you MUST specify this at time of ordering, and take a tuning option where required.

Any images and/or product contents listed are based on a spot check we performed at a given point in time, and may differ due to changes, omissions or inclusions made by the manufacturer without notice.

Zero One 8.4v 2200mAh NiMh Crane Battery Starter Pack Tier 1 (Bundle)
Zero One 8.4v 2200mAh NiMh Crane Battery Starter Pack Tier 1 (Bundle)
Zero One Blitz BB 0.20g 5000rds (White)
Zero One Blitz BB 0.20g 5000rds (White)
Tokyo Marui RIS Short Foregrip (Black)
Tokyo Marui RIS Short Foregrip (Black)
G&G 1x30 Dot Sight with Flip-Up Covers
G&G 1x30 Dot Sight with Flip-Up Covers
G&G Single Point Bungee Sling (Black)
G&G Single Point Bungee Sling (Black)
Zero One Tesla Battery 8.4v 2200mAh NiMH (Crane)
Zero One Tesla Battery 8.4v 2200mAh NiMH (Crane)
G&G AEG Mag for M4 450rds (Black)
G&G AEG Mag for M4 450rds (Black)
G&G Suppressor 14mm CCW SOCOM Style (Black)
G&G Suppressor 14mm CCW SOCOM Style (Black)

Reviewed by Gabriel on 12/03/2014
Bought this gun about 2 weeks ago, overall, pretty happy with it. The weight is nearly the same as the real steel firearm, nicely balanced, the selector switch is very crisp and clicky. Charging handle is satisfying to pull back on. Now for the cons, I found that there was some lack of quality in the plastic molding, the material itself is very nice but blemishes and molding seams are noticeable. (probably being picky) The magazine paint has worn down a bit where it sits in the mag well. The trigger pull isn't very smooth it's a bit grindy.
Reviewed by William on 04/01/2014
Part of the charging handle broke off, also the magazine completely broke, would not recommend.
Reviewed by Jordan on 09/07/2013
excellent fun for someone starting out , I love mine !
Reviewed by Dani on 24/02/2013
This gun is great, wasn't to sure whether it would be good as it says it is the plastic model. Don't be put off, it is very strong ABS. You can attach a silencer if it has CCW/ACW threads (the flash hider comes off). If you want it to be more like a M4. i recommend a silencer, is it is quite small without it.
Reviewed by Joe on 14/01/2013
I bought this gun.... Spent £100 having an extended tight bore barrel, silencer (to hide barrel) hop rubber and TM motor upgrade an now.... WOW. rate of fire is unreal and feeds perfectly and the barrel makes range and accuracy spot on. Shoots at 335fps consistently and the blow back is even more impressive with the new motor :) must have gun and so cheap!
Reviewed by Reece on 23/12/2012
I have ordered this gun, and funnily enough it should be getting here on christmas day!! So as soon as i get it i will write up a review! But a friend has this gun and i tried it out briefly.. and that brief time of using it is what made me NEED to buy this gun! The accuracy was outstanding, rate of fire is outstanding, no wobble or rattling, it feels as if you are holding a real life fire arm. I honestly can not wait till this gun arrives! All ready i rate it an 11 out of 10 !!
Reviewed by craig on 02/05/2012
my first airsoft gun couldnt be happier, apart from parts being green. brill gun for the price more than powerful enough for outdoor great on indoor, can see myself usin this gun for a long time just replacing parts as and when i need to.
Reviewed by Brian on 27/04/2012
My first gun, fantastic piece of kit , as good as anything anyone else has in my club at twice the price. Added suppressor and light for a great CQB weapon but plenty of range and power for the outdoors. At this price I cant see anything better as a starter gun.
Reviewed by Joshua on 10/04/2012
Amazing gun, got it earlier this year after christmas and ever since it has been consistant in performance, reliability and the power in fps and accuacy. This makes my previous Ak look like a water gun. To anyone who has just started airsoft or has been play a good few years like myself, I would hieghly recomend this compact but amazing gun.
Reviewed by Sean on 02/04/2012
this gun is great! used it yesterday, with the king arms socom silencer and the NCS CQC scope, and my did it kick some butt! lovely mix of range and power, this gun is built like a tank. best buy EVER!
Reviewed by liam on 07/03/2012
This is a amazing gun and really solid it is defiantly worth the money you pay and i would suggest a suppressor for it and if you are really good maybe get a sight for it :)
Reviewed by Sue on 11/01/2012
amazing my first G&G brought the last one :D but yeah definitely worth the money only one problem the rubber butt plate is so difficult to get off really stiff but don't let that put you off really worth the money!!!
Reviewed by Richard on 05/08/2011
My first proper AEG and well worth it! Well packaged and came with sample packet of BB's and a cleaning rod. Flash hider is a 14mm CCW fitment, so can be changed for a silencer in seconds. This feels a nice weight with the metal RIS (with my scope, bipod and a empty mag this came to 3.2kg). Short barrel length means good use in CQB. Blowback is great, and adds to the realism of the carbine. Rear crane stock has 4 points of adjustment, although once the battery is in only 3 at most can be used. I also found that this wobbled slightly, but over all this is the only wobbly bit on the whole AEG. Semi and auto fire section. Includes sling mounting points, solid front iron sight with removable rear, both adjustable.
Reviewed by Martin on 26/06/2011
All I can say is WOW. What a fabulous weapon for the money. I bought this as a back up in case my G36c ever went down but I will be playing with it all day it is that good. Firing at 342 fps out of the box. Blow back sounds very cool on full auto. Very accurate and hop is easy and precise on adjustment. Feeds perfectly with Lonex mags. The build quality is good, not as good as the higher priced makes but again for the money you can't complain. As usual A1 service from Adam and the team at Z1. Buy this GR15 and you will not be disappointed.
Reviewed by max on 20/05/2011
Excellent rifle, well built and solid as expected from G&G. Very impressed with the quality, and performance of the weapon. No wobbles or rattles and money well spent. Thanks Zero one.
Reviewed by J A on 13/04/2011
A truly amazing gun! Excellent value with the quality of G&G. I would highly recommend this gun!
Reviewed by Jean on 12/03/2011
what can i say wow! as will all G&G products we expect the best and we get best running at about 350fps this gun i amazing perfect for cqb but not to weak for woodland.
Reviewed by Christopher on 25/01/2011
Amazing gun for both experienced and amateur players. The GR15 features a unique blowback system which does not rely on the battery, which means your charge will last longer. The included RIS rails mean that adding a better battery (for example a twin in a PEQ box) Obviously if you do this you will need to have the gun re-wired which any decent model shop can do. I managed to fit a front hand grip, PEQ and a torch to mine. Don't be fooled by it being plastic. It's half and half and by the time you have added various accessories, it soon gets front heavy. However you can also add a sling if required. Overall a very good piece of kit. Not bad seeing as other retailers sell this same gun for an additional £100 on top of the price. Definitely worth the money :)

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G&G Combat Machine AEG with Blowback GR15 Raider
G&G Combat Machine AEG with Blowback GR15 Raider
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