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G&G AEG Mag for PM5 200rds © Copyright Zero One Airsoft

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Product ID: 6102
SKU: G-08-030

Average Rating 5/5 (6)
This is the magazine we recommend for use on all MP5 variants regardless of make. The best 'value vs capacity' magazine currently available.
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G&G AEG Mag for PM5 40rds
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Reviewed by Lyndon on 09/04/2020
I'm going to have to give these a 3 as the winding wheel does jam more often than the standard M4 mag. I have no issues with M4 mags jamming up. The mag when operational DOES function superbly however. Another issue I had with this gun was the internal locking pin fell out on EVERY SINGLE mag I ordered. So what happens is you go to pull the mag out the gun and the outer shell comes with you but the internals and all the BBS inside stay behind inside the gun. (Well, actually all the BBS go all over the floor!). Anyway. G&G guns from my experience HATE other brands of mag so recommend finding ONE mag that fits and try it. I've heard TM mags fit good. And tbh, TMs good stuff so try that instead, that's what I'll be doing. *Whispers* (maybe the low/mid caps are decent idk???)
Reviewed by Martin on 26/07/2018
Awsome mag , fits my g&g very well and great performance.
Reviewed by Martin on 05/12/2013
Amazing mag! Just got it and the quality is great! I would highly recommend it to anyone with an MP5!
Reviewed by Darren on 14/12/2012
Got these for my G&G/Umarex MP5SD6 ebb. Fit and feed well. Tight in the magwell. Nice finish on them. Buy some!
Reviewed by Andrew on 05/12/2012
These fit my ICS MP5A4 perfectly. You have to give them an extra push in but its a nice tight fit and gives a satisfying "click." The mags seem to be made of metal and have a good weight to them.
Reviewed by Gary on 20/04/2011
I use these mags for my ICS MP5, one slight down side is the need to give them an extra hit into place, but on the other side at least i know that with the tight fit that they are not going to come loose during a fire fight.

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