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GATE Electronics TITAN MOSFET Drop-In Module for GBV2 (Front Wired) - 2017... 69.40GBP▲ 7.2%Combat Patch Pair - WO2 (Subdued)... 1.00GBP▲ 12.36%Viper MOLLE A5 Notebook Holder (MultiCam)... 5.54GBP▼ 7.05%Laylax (Nineball) Hi-Capa Mount Base... 26.07GBP▲ 4.99%PDI Raven Cylinder for Marui VSR... 32.05GBP▲ 95.9%7.62 Design T-Shirt 'Army Unleashed' (Tan) - Size Large... 4.84GBP▲ 88.33%Systema Turbo Motor Screw Set... 0.22GBP▼ 29.03%Emerson MICH Helmet Cover (A-TACS)... 6.61GBP▲ 5.93%Mil-Com Russian Cossack Hat ACR (Natural) - Size Small... 17.17GBP▲ 188.57%Ares Handguard for G39K... 20.52GBP▼ 16.52%Web-Tex British Style Soldier 95 Gloves - Size Large... 10.42GBP▲ 2.96%Tokyo Marui Tracer Adaptor for FS51... 1.34GBP▼ 21.64%Viper BDU Trousers (Coyote Tan) - Size 42"... 13.62GBP▼ 14.72%Guarder Cylinder Set for G39C... 33.93GBP▲ 25.34%BCB Steridex Hand Cleaner... 1.13GBP▼ 53.69%Mechanix M-Pact 2 Gloves (Black) - Size Extra Large... 21.47GBP▲ 19.88%Mil-Force Duty Unit Assault Vest (Black)... 69.15GBP▼ 13.51%Weekend Warrior Women's Camo Swimming Suit (ACU) - Size Small... 9.90GBP▼ 5.89%Systema Sector Gear for Torque-Up Gear Set... 11.20GBP▲ 10.56%G&G LR300 Handgrip for M4 (Tan)... 11.04GBP▲ 11.29%KWA GBB MagPul M4 LM4 Spare Magazine... 43.57GBP▲ 38.49%Viper Combat Shirt (Olive) - Size Extra Large... 15.08GBP▼ 2.46%5.11 ATAC Storm 8" Boot (Black) - Size 14... 52.57GBP▼ 37.55%5.11 Sabre Jacket (Coyote Brown) - Size Extra Large... 61.23GBP▼ 12.43%Tru-Spec Commando Watchband (Olive) - 8 1/4"... 1.29GBP▼ 24.56%Mil-Force Large Military Duffle Bag (Black)... 21.12GBP▲ 67.75%Viper Tactical Fleece (Coyote Tan) - Size Extra Large... 16.13GBP▼ 29.62%JBU MSS Suppressor Extension Set... 4.51GBP▲ 0.67%Viper Tactical Gloves - Size Large... 9.75GBP▼ 4.88%Mil-Force Drop Leg Multi Magazine Pouch for 2x M16 (Olive)... 12.82GBP▲ 6.83%
British 5th Airborne / Pegasus Patch (Colour)
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▼ 19.2%
Guarder Enhanced Loading Nozzle for WA .45 Series
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▼ 25.85%
Tru-Spec Machete with Rigid Sheath
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Zero One Key Chain "PM5A3"
Zero One Key Chain "PM5A3"
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Zero One Rugged Carry Case 105cm (Black)
Zero One Rugged Carry Case 105cm (Black)

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Zero One Airsoft

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Airsofter’s are like magpies when it comes to guns and gadgets. We all love our toys and we lavish them with optics, lights, cameras and other assorted paraphernalia, that sometimes amount to a greater cost than the RIF. So what is the best way to protect your gorgeous gats, particularly if those gats carry more accessories than Paris Hilton’s hand bag? We have the answer right here!

The Zero One Rugged Carry Case offers ultimate protection and comes in small, medium and large sizes, all of which are available in black and tan. The cases are manufactured from a hard plastic exterior with reinforced spines. The back of the case features heavy duty hinges that are designed to take some punishment. At the front of the case you will find the locking mechanisms, and once again they are built to last and clunk reassuringly into place when the case is closed. All of the cases feature a robust carry handle to make transportation a doddle. There are also padlock holes to keep your prized possessions safe and secure, not just for transportation or at skirmish sites but also from little hands at home.

The interior of the cases are filled with deep foam inserts on the top and bottom. The foam inserts have a tremendous amount of give and they can offer excellent securement. The pistol case will happily accommodate a pistol and spare magazines. The medium case is designed for compact rifles or SMG’s with accessories. The large case, the Daddy, will fit a large rifle and accessories, or two smaller rifles. Furthermore the foam can easily be customised or removed to allow extra storage space. We’ve known people to use them to store and keep safe pyro, remote detonators, cameras and even professional audio gear such as radio microphones. During the colder months if you pop a gel handwarmer in next to your gas mags, the case and foam will help to keep them nice and toasty ready to rock when it’s time for game start. The uses are near limitless!

These rugged cases really do offer the perfect solution to storage, protection and transportation at a very sensible price, especially as their contents are so valuable.

Order by 2pm today and you could receive this item tomorrow when choosing a Next Day service.
Zero One Rugged Carry Case 105cm (Black) Features...

External Dimensions: 1050mm x 390mm x 140mm
Weight: 5500g
Internal Dimensions: 1010mm x 325mm x 130mm
Colours Available: Black & Tan
3 Sizes Available
Rugged Design
Extreme Durability Offers Ultimate Protection
Reinforced Locks & Hinges
Padlock Holes
Robust Carry Handle
High Quality Deep Foam Inserts
Removable or Customisable Inserts
Loads of Uses
* Any technical or performance figures listed are based on a spot test we performed at a given point in time. These may vary WILDLY because of random alterations made by the manufacturer from batch to batch, gas pressure, ambient temperature, battery charge and so on. Some of the figures therefore should be treated as a very loose guide or indication only, based on the spot tests we have performed. The images and product contents listed are again based on a spot check we performed at a given point in time, and may differ due to changes, omissions or inclusions made by the manufacturer. If you require something specific, such as FPS, you MUST specify this at time of ordering, and take a tuning option where required.
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Generic Product
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Zero One Rugged Carry Case 105cm (Black)
Zero One Rugged Carry Case 105cm (Black)
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