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SKU: TMC0941
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Reviewed by Jai on 02/12/2013
I bought one of these in OD Green second hand. It's a good pouch, it has a zipped compartment with enough space to accommodate small tools and accessories etc but the four pouches on the front are actually for magazines. They're small however so not all mags will fit in here! A cool feature with these though are that they can be open as the flaps are closed like they are shown in the photo, or alternatively folded over to stick to the Velcro - creating closed pouches. If you aren't wanting closed mag pouches then this space is good for sticking your patches (I've got my Halo Mill members patch on it) and the Velcro itself is very good quality. (Feels sturdy etc) Nevertheless overall a quality piece of kit; especially useful if you use your pistol a lot and have a few mags for it. Hope this review helped!

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