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WE GBB M92 BioHazard Features...

    Tech Specs...
    • Velocity Feet Per Second (FPS): 325
    • Length: 215mm
    • Weight (with Magazine): 1150g
    • Inner Barrel Length: 106mm

    • Metal Slide & Frame

What's in the box...
  • Pistol
  • 26rds Magazine
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Any images and/or product contents listed are based on a spot check we performed at a given point in time, and may differ due to changes, omissions or inclusions made by the manufacturer without notice.

WE GBB Mag for M92 25rds (Black)
WE GBB Mag for M92 25rds (Black)
Zero One Pro Gas
Zero One Pro Gas
Zero One GBB Pistol Starter Pack Tier 1 (Bundle)
Zero One GBB Pistol Starter Pack Tier 1 (Bundle)
Abbey Silicone Gun Oil 35 Aerosol
Abbey Silicone Gun Oil 35 Aerosol
Viper Pistol Drop Leg Holster (Black)
Viper Pistol Drop Leg Holster (Black)
Zero One Blitz BB 0.23g 5000rds (White)
Zero One Blitz BB 0.23g 5000rds (White)
Viper Speedloading Tool 90rds
Viper Speedloading Tool 90rds
Airsoft Innovations GAS Cyclone Impact Grenade
Airsoft Innovations GAS Cyclone Impact Grenade
Retevis H-777 Radio
Retevis H-777 Radio
101 Inc PVC Velcro Patch "Zombie Hunter"
101 Inc PVC Velcro Patch "Zombie Hunter"
101 Inc PVC Velcro Patch "Biological"
101 Inc PVC Velcro Patch "Biological"
Daft Donkey T-Shirt 'Babe Just Hit It' (Olive) - Size Large
Daft Donkey T-Shirt 'Babe Just Hit It' (Olive) - Size Large

Reviewed by Chris on 29/01/2017
Very nice pistol, few weeks old now and only issue is the gold trades are now nearly gone, should have protected them as per YouTube videos. Hop is adjustable by using the brass screw on the inner barrel
Reviewed by Chris on 17/12/2016
Nice build quality, can't compare to a tm but but it's much better than a kjw m92, plenty of others say it's also better than the tm, reviews on here are quite old so not sure if I have the same model but it definitely has a adjustable hop up (remove inner barrel and turn brass screw on the top). Safety is very stiff but getting better with use, the slide is also quite stiff due to close tolerance with lower again gets better after a few mags. Trades on grips are already showing wear after 1 day so worth checking YouTube on how to lacquer them in place Fairly long trigger pull, again can't compare to tm but kjw is exactly the same.
Reviewed by Ben on 16/12/2013
On first inspection this is a lovely looking gun, but I found a few issue which I think are worth mentioning. Firstly this gun seems to vent a lot of gas, I was using 144a & Ultra and the problem was defiantly worst on 144a, perhaps the metal slide needs a stronger gas or perhaps I just have a dodgy mag, but it vents a lot during firing. Secondly I found the paint work very poor quality, after less then 2 mags my gun is already showing scratches and the spring guide is so badly chipped I am going to have to remove all the paint as the slide locked open as it catches on the paint chip on the spring guide. This is my first WE gas pistol and I will do a lot of research before I buy another.
Reviewed by ben on 19/04/2013
his gun is very nice and good to hold but that is not how i rate guns i rate them for power, range and accuracy. that in mined this gun has the power, that means it releases more gas than other pistol but that is not bad at all. the range of this gun is bad, because it is being punished for not having a hop up. the accuracy is not too bad at all but ones again the lack of a hop up makes it less that a penny and more like a small side plate, you known for the salad that came with that manly meat. i have found that the seal in the gun and if you don't know what that is you should be slapped my fish yer you read me right a fish, any way the seal on my one was to strong so they miss fired and some fell out of the barrel. but you just need some silicone and shot it for some times for the seal to wear down thank you and good night. P.S im a fan of the resident evil games and films apart from the third film and the start was garnish. good bye say safe in the field and bed, my p.c is running out of power :-)
Reviewed by zak on 29/10/2012
Purchased this pistol last week with brilliant and faultless service from ZeroOne! The look and feel of this pistol is brilliant, even the imitation wood grip that i thought would let the pistol down is actually spot on. Thank you ZeroOne :)
Reviewed by John on 25/09/2012
Purchased this gun from zero one last week, delivery was very fast using fedex. I never actually expected to gun to be of such a high quality, it certainly was much more than i expected. It weighs like a real handgun, the imitation wood grip looks very good with a great detail to it, unlike the Tokyo Murui one which has a cheap looking hand grip with lack of attention to detail on the wood look. I haven't checked the fps however it shoots far enough for me to accept its of a good power. Very simple to use. The safety is a little on the stiff side but really not a problem, I have my pistol in my holster when not using it so safety not an issue. Overall a great gun and very impressive. Thank you Zero one.
Reviewed by Thomas on 16/09/2012
I bought this pistol the second it became available on ZeroOne. I'm a massive fan of Resi Evil so it's awesome to own this pistol! + PRO = It's the resident evil STARS Biohazard pistol + PRO = Build quality - It's a very solid pistol. My other WE 1911 MEU is very rattly and loose... this however is tough and solid. It's design is fantastic, the wood grip is not real, but it's a really good quality. The TM's version looks very cheap and fake. + PRO = The recoil is heavy, makes it feel very real when shooting. + PRO = The FPS sat 290 on a cold morning, then at 320 in the warm/hot afternoon. Just right for what you want in a pistol. + CON = The safety switch is very tough to move (I've read this on many other forums).. it can be fixed by unscrewing it a little bit, but it's still a con... IF you use a safety switch! + CON = Trigger - even with the hammer down the trigger has to travel some way to engage a response, (10-12 mm but it's still a distance considering the hammer is already down). It's not a huge problem in the heat of a skirmish as you're not taking note of how far you have to pull a trigger... but it's noticeable upon inspection. + CON = Range = my CYMA Glock 18c (£60) with adjustable hop can EASILY out range this, even with an FPS of about 170... as far as I can see there is no hop unit on this pistol (it's internal design is pretty different to what I'm used to so don't hold me to that)... but either way it noticeably drops 30-38 yards out (i.e. no sign of hop unit assistance). But with that in mind I will just consider this pistol to be used in medium/close ranges (for pistols). All in all this IS worth getting! I will be getting another and have duel drop-leg serpa holsters.. because I'm cool like that :-) ZeroOne... GET THIS GUN BACK IN STOCK!!!!

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