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Product ID: 8415

Average Rating 4/5 (2)
  • Zero One is the Official UK Distributor of NCS

Airsoft,Air Soft,Dorset,Hampshire,Magazine,Mags,NCS,VISM,MOLLE,Chest,Rig,with,Mag,Pouches,Black
NCS VISM MOLLE Chest Rig with Mag Pouches (Black) Features...

  • Fits Magazines up to M4 Size
What's in the box...
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Reviewed by Cameron on 08/05/2015
Bought this a fair while back and not had any problems with it. It's not the best rig but good on a budget. It is quite big though, I have it on the tightest I can and it's still very loose on me, if you are quite slim then I'd find a different one. Not sure why the other reviewer couldn't get M4 mags in, that's what I use it for and they're snug but they do fit with some wiggling. It stretches out over time so it has got easier, taking the elastic off the top of the pouches might make it easier for quick reloads though. The outside pouches are harder to use due to the straps being directly above them but the two inner ones on each side are fine. I have a dual pistol mag pouch on one side and a medium utility pouch on the other, both are very secure you don't really notice them. A downside might be the fastening method, behind the front clips there are three metal poppers surrounded with velcro. Whilst ensuring it never comes open it does make doing it up quite difficult as you're trying to line up the poppers whilst the velcro is just attaching itself wherever. I don't always use the poppers because of this. The hydration pouch on the back is massive, I use a 3L water bag in there and there is a hole for the pipe to come out at the top which I feed through the D rings. Would I recommend? Yes, to someone on a budget who wants a reliable chest rig with built in pouches it does the job well.
Reviewed by Henry on 14/01/2015
This is a very comfy and adaptable vest, i purchased the vest along with a pistol holster and some utility pouches. I decided to go for this vest over other MOLLE options due to the built in mag pouches however the in build pouches are very small and do not fit standard M4 Mags, other than that i cant find any other faults.

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