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Product ID: 9058
SKU: G-12-025-1

Average Rating 3/5 (2)

Airsoft,Air Soft,Dorset,Hampshire,Bb Gun,Pellet,Softair,Airsoft,Guay,Guay2,Optics,G&G,GT1,Red,Dot,Sight,with,High,Mount
Not all optics can withstand direct impact from BBs and on occasion, if you are very unlucky, this can result in chipped, cracked or broken lenses. Damaged lenses are not covered by warranty. Most players take the risk and are never unfortunate enough for it to happen to them, but we recommend purchasing a BB shield to protect your shiny new optic, just in case.
G&G GT1 Red Dot Sight with High Mount Features...
G&G Made In Taiwan
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Zero One Blitz BB 0.20g 5000rds (White)
Zero One Blitz BB 0.20g 5000rds (White)
Zero One Pro Gas
Zero One Pro Gas
Zero One 12g CO2 Capsule Pack of 10 (Bundle)
Zero One 12g CO2 Capsule Pack of 10 (Bundle)
Zero One Key Chain "AW338"
Zero One Key Chain "AW338"

Reviewed by Lyndon on 11/05/2020
Yes so I'm actually going to give this optic a 5 star review now I should probably mention I would give it 4.5 because as far as Airsoft T1 style red dots go it is fantastic. I have issues which I will get to but compared to the vortex spark or something like that. This optic good. But no where as good! I'll start with cons: 1. Price - this optic is kinda more expensive for what's out there in terms of features. It has 10/11 brightness settings and not green or reticle change that you get with cheaper optics. I've owned cheaper Amazon optics at £20 with those features but the ghosting is unreal and poor materials. 2. Lack of features as previously stated Pros: 1. easy to use, 11 brightness settings that are noticeable 2. Windage and elevation DOES work in my case you just won't notice it cos of the 'red dot effect' you just have to watch where the BBS are going and adjust accordingly. 3. Solid kit, good materials good reticle/glass with MINIMAL ghosting so much that on a low brightness it's 'peng' 4. QD mount IS lose to start with but with a spanner for the nut you can tighten it accordingly (that is how it's supposed to work, not a defect) For me, this optic is one of the best £50 optics you can get. I've had two as my first one DID just stop working but that's probably the fact I used it ALOT and in rainy conditions. I bought another one straight away and still yet to have issues. Only issue I have is finding the sodding batteries but they're not weird tiny small ones. Just watch batteries. Just buy like 10 and you'll be good to go and don't be like me and leave your optic on. The issues that Paulo seemed to have, seem to be specific to him as I've had two and had no issues. I feel his might have been down to the wrong battery/user error. I've not once had to use tape if you tighten the adjustment bolt. Props to G&G on this optic WOULD recommend any day
Reviewed by Paulo on 13/06/2018
For almost 50 pounds this scope was not worth it for me, I’m not sure if the issues I have with mine are individual or all scopes are like this but here are the issues I have experienced with this red dot Glare from light can be seen due to excess of light entering the scope Rattle can be annoying but adding electrical tape under the mount fixes it Vertical adjustment does not shift no matter how far u turn the knob Weak red dot, this is the biggest problem I have with this, red dot was very weak at setting 11 after 2 games (tried switching batteries, problem still persist) the red dot is almost invisible in day light, I do not recommend this red dot

Bb GunPelletSoftairAirsoftGuayGuay2OpticsG&GGT1RedDotSightHighMount
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Aim-0 RD1-L Red Dot (Tan)
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Backordered Item
Zero One Blitz BB 0.20g 5000rds (White)
Zero One Blitz BB 0.20g 5000rds (White)
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