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BOL Nut Driver - 7mm... 4.33GBP▼ 4.2%Ares Spring Guide for M249... 2.41GBP▼ 50.82%Blackhawk Buttstock Mag Pouch (Black)... 15.73GBP▼ 13.62%Tokyo Marui Bevel Gear for M16, M4, PM5, G39, SG552, M14, G3, AK, Aug, P90 & Type 89... 2.46GBP▼ 74.77%Viper Tablet Case (Black)... 5.24GBP▼ 30.87%Combat Patch Pair - Sgt (Subdued)... 1.14GBP▲ 17.53%Web-Tex A6 Notebook Case (MultiCam)... 6.65GBP▲ 36.83%G&G M16 Bi-Level Rail Mount for M16/M4 Carry Handle... 19.77GBP▼ 16.41%Tru-Spec U.S. BDU Rip-Stop Trousers (Digital Urban) - Size XL 39-43"... 25.88GBP▲ 54.14%Systema Turbo Motor Screw Set... 0.50GBP▲ 38.89%British 5th Airborne / Pegasus Patch (Colour)... 1.56GBP▼ 22.39%BCB Exercise Kit... 6.02GBP▲ 12.95%G&G Attack Type LED Flashlight Foregrip for G2010... 59.67GBP▲ 18.91%G&G LR300 Handgrip for M4 (Tan)... 14.93GBP▲ 61.06%Tru-Spec U.S. BDU Shirt (Desert Choc-Chip) - Chest M 37-41"... 10.60GBP▲ 3.11%Right Front Sling Swivel for M16 Series... 11.09GBP▲ 45.16%Bollé Rogue Goggles... 28.35GBP▼ 7.8%Web-Tex Military Map Compass... 7.14GBP▲ 11.21%G&G SNC Reinforced Piston for L85... 20.85GBP▲ 1.61%Rank Slide Pair (DPM) - Colonel... 2.65GBP▼ 2.21%Mechanix Original Vent Gloves (Black) - Size Small... 9.99GBP▼ 10.88%Mil-Force Full Finger SWAT Gloves (Black) - Size Extra Large... 5.99GBP▼ 54.48%Web-Tex PLCE Daysack Yoke (DPM)... 8.93GBP▲ 240.84%Tru-Spec Tactical Response Shirt (Digital Desert) - Size Medium 37-41"... 20.56GBP▼ 12.17%Rlux Custom Scar Airsoft Mask... 19.66GBP▼ 46.78%True Utility LockLite... 3.85GBP▲ 4.34%G&G Plastic Body Set for M4 - Anna (Pink)... 41.32GBP▲ 27.49%Viper MOLLE A6 Notebook Holder with Waterproof Notebook (Coyote Tan)... 2.65GBP▼ 43.5%ICS Lower Receiver Set for ICS AK74... 25.50GBP▲ 255.15%ProTec RS2 Compressor (for Gas Pack System)... 47.01GBP▼ 23.7%
Mil-Com Jungle First Aid Kit
Current GBP:
▼ 6.6%
Guarder Steel Bolt Stop/Handguard Ring for SG552
Current GBP:
▼ 1.43%
ICS Lower Receiver Set for ICS AK74
Current GBP:
▲ 255.15%

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Zero One Key Chain "PM5A3"
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Zero One Blitz BB 0.20g 5000rds (White)
In stock for immediate despatch.

Average Rating 5/5 (33)
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Reviewed by Samuel on 19/05/2018
Best bbs a man can buy, the bbs are amazing never see one out the 5000 in a pack be broken or damaged, BUY THEM NOW :)

Reviewed by Grahame on 06/06/2015
Excellent quality BBs and great value for money I bought these after trying other known brands and they perform just as well if not better. Definitely worth buying a bag just to try them especially at this price.

Reviewed by Carole on 30/01/2013
amazing quality and price. suitable for an enormous range of guns, even tight bore barrells due to their amazingly low error margin. great price too, however only worth buying if buying in bulk (min of around 4-5 packs-due to delivery price) unless you live withing a few miles of warehouse in poole. ALL IN ALL-A BRILLIANT DEAL.

Reviewed by Oakley on 10/01/2013
great bbs at a great price. the bag does not seal back up properly but not an issue cant beat them for the price

Reviewed by Ryan on 26/10/2012
These are great quality at great prices. I ordered 2 packs which arrived at my door within 24 hours. I would expect as much for the delivery price but I was still impressed. I will be ordering more of these and probably A lot of other stuff as well.

Reviewed by rebecca on 03/08/2012
Best and cheapest bbs around !!!

Reviewed by Frank on 09/05/2012
Amazing bbs at an AMAZING price would never buy more expensive brands again.

Reviewed by David on 18/01/2011
Good quality and very handy in the 5000 bag. I have been using these for every game over the last year and not had any issues. It worked out cheaper to buy these and pay postage than to buy from my local shop.

Reviewed by Oliver on 01/12/2010
Outstanding, these are 100% flawless, i have searched hard for a single imperfection and just as the pack says, there perfect every single one. just as good as BB costing 3 or 4x as much.

Reviewed by Alexander on 22/09/2010
Great value, I noticed no difference in accuracy from using more expensive BBs.

Reviewed by Samuel on 23/11/2011
Nice quality BBs. The difference between these and more expensive BBs is un-noticeable. Awesome for the price and quantity. Would recommend

Reviewed by James on 27/08/2010
words fail me !!!! quality : class amount : class polished :class price : priceless (cheap)

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Zero One Blitz BB 0.20g 5000rds (White)
Zero One Blitz BB 0.20g 5000rds (White)
Excel BB 0.20g 3700rds
Excel BB 0.20g 3700rds
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