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G&P PM5 Laser Navy Handgrip... 64.69GBP▲ 15.81%Mil-Force Special Tactical Vest (Black)... 52.21GBP▲ 51.47%Tokyo Marui Long Type Barrel Mount... 15.72GBP▼ 27.42%Bawidamann T-Shirt 'BAR Babe' (Brown) - Size Extra Large... 3.80GBP▲ 13.1%Kiwi Parade Gloss (Black)... 1.21GBP▼ 15.97%Weekend Warrior UZI 2GB USB Memory Stick... 9.46GBP▼ 42.74%Tokyo Marui Spur Gear for Recoil M4... 6.43GBP▼ 3.45%NCS VISM Multi Magazine Transporter (Black)... 10.14GBP▲ 1.2%Blackhawk CQC SERPA Shoulder Holster (Black) - Size Medium... 36.33GBP▲ 16.74%BCB Wash Bag (MultiCam)... 4.49GBP▲ 39.01%Laylax (Nitro Vo.) Rail Sleeve for M4... 54.81GBP▼ 3.77%Web-Tex Military Map Compass... 7.14GBP▲ 11.21%King Arms Gemtech SP90 Flash Hider for P90 14mm CCW... 13.43GBP▲ 11.92%ICS PM5 Series Cocking Lever (for ICS)... 1.75GBP▼ 24.24%Tru-Spec U.S. Genuine Issue Army Combat Rip-Stop Trousers (ACU) - Size L 35-39"... 20.57GBP▼ 25.42%Blackhawk MOLLE 5 Width Speed Clip Set of 6 (Black)... 4.41GBP▼ 49.02%Ares Handguard for G39K... 22.07GBP▲ 42.11%ICS Metal Carry Handle for M4... 32.17GBP▼ 7.08%Web-Tex Rip-Stop Rank Slide Pair (DPM) - Sgt... 1.81GBP▼ 3.21%Emerson MICH Helmet Cover Mesh (MTP)... 6.39GBP▲ 60.96%82nd Airborne (Colour)... 2.07GBP▲ 89.91%Highlander Utility Strap 1m... 1.28GBP▲ 20.75%Guarder Reinforced Outer Barrel for M4 (Economic Version)... 8.29GBP▲ 223.83%Maglite D-Cell Accessory Pack... 3.15GBP▲ 34.62%Mil-Com Sherpa Fleece Hat (Black) - Size Small... 3.66GBP▼ 21.29%Viper Special Ops Shirt (Desert DPM) - Size Medium... 8.49GBP▼ 12.83%5.11 Tac NFO2 Gloves (Black) - Size Large... 30.67GBP▲ 31.86%Guarder Spare Lens for Guarder 2006 Glasses - Clear... 1.92GBP▲ 45.45%G&G Combat Machine AEG with Blowback FF16 Pink Storm... 135.51GBP▼ 2.96%MagPul PTS MOE Hand Guard Mid Length (Olive Drab)... 16.63GBP▼ 10.4%
Highlander 1m Carabungee
Current GBP:
▼ 17.17%
Kiwi Parade Gloss (Black)
Current GBP:
▼ 15.97%
Guarder Steel Cylinder Set for Minimi
Current GBP:
▼ 30.91%

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Tokyo Marui AEG Mag for Scorpion MOD M 260rds
Tokyo Marui AEG Mag for Scorpion MOD M 260rds
In Stock Now @ £31.95
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Tokyo Marui GBB G18C
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Reviewed by Mike on 06/11/2013
Fantastic little head turner, people marvel at how reliably and cleanly it cycles. Not had any problems with it and it's been knocked about quite a lot. I haven't had any problem with it being dirt-sensitive but what i will say is if you take care of it, clean and lube it after every skirmish, it will take care of you all day, no worries. Full auto is hilarious, not practical in the slightest but who cares? It's so much fun to empty a mag on full with this, pellets going everywhere. For the price too, it's a bargain, £200 worth of gun right here easy.

Reviewed by Matthew on 07/10/2011
Really nice gun, well made, easily adjustable hop up, easy to strip down to clean, accurate and great in full auto. One thing to watch out when skirmishing with this gun is getting dirt in it, it seems to be quite sensitive to dirt and it failed on me when in the fort faced with about 15 bravo on my own, fail! When home I cleaned it and it worked fine.

Reviewed by hayley on 03/04/2011
Very good gun really comfortable to hold no shakes,rattles money well spent

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