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G&G Combat Machine AEG CM16 Carbine DST (Tan)
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Reviewed by Richard on 21/11/2014
Solid construction solid performance decent rate of fire and a great gun for the price
Reviewed by Tony on 30/04/2014
Had this for 2 and a half years now and yet to have it fail on me after what must be 40,000+ bbs. The G&G green hop rubber is great and the gearbox is solid and consistent, what more do you need? mine fired at around 325fps +/- 5fps when new and still fires the same today
Reviewed by Colin on 28/04/2013
I ordered this gun a few weeks after the easter sale and all i can say is WOW, its performance is tremendous shhoting at 345fps and 14rps on a 8.4v vapex battery. The body is constructed mainly of nylon fibre polymer plastic which is very very strong (strongest i have ever come across anyway and will deffinately put up with any knocks or drops you can throw at it), the metal parts i find are very strong also and will not break in a hurry. the only problems i have found with this gun are as follows : -mag wobbles a lot and causes the gun to misfeed (can fix this with tape) -stiff delta ring (not a big problem unless using bad batteries) -charging handle when pulled back wobbles all around the place (once again thats fine because its just for show anyways and has no real use on the gun). so all in all a brilliant buy and i urge any beginner looking for his or her first gun to buy it , it wont disappoint you and will last a good while before it begins to break down, all in all, 10/10 thank you ZERO ONE.
Reviewed by Mary on 31/12/2011
I ordered it in the christmas sale, so the price was good, however, the first time I used it it really good, then the battery started to die like any gun you have used for a while. After that I recharged the battery and the gun wouldn't fire, this is really annoying, i don't know is this is the gun or the battery, any ideas? I hope the gun will be fixed soon and I can write a better review.
Reviewed by Andrew on 12/12/2011
Got this gun a few days ago ordered at 10am the next day it turned up befor middday THX FEDEX UK used it yesterday in a Skirmish awsome gun only problem i had was the screw in the bottom of the mag came undone in the middle of a game and bb's went every where. got a new mag the same day and feeds alot better, shoots 335/355 fps
Reviewed by Andrew on 05/12/2011
Lovely little gun bought it as a backup for my little sis to use when she comes down the local site instead of renting, great quality plastic body but the delta ring is a bit stiff should free up with a bit of usage, and the mag needed a bit of insulation tape to stop it from wobbling around in the mag-well and these are the only bad points not that they are a problem. The range is great and hop-up gives great back spin to the bb's. and cant wait to get it chronograph-ed next weekend to see what it's FPS is. Overall Great gun great build quality and a bargain in the Christmas sale at £99 you cant go wrong with this.
Reviewed by adele on 03/10/2011
amazing starter gun i bought this in two tone and it hasn't let me down yet but there was one bad thing about this gun (i think mine was just a faulty gun though) the button on the stock fell out so i couldn't retract the stock which wasn't to good but i have replaced it now and it is an amazing gun the delta ring is a it stiff though :/
Reviewed by David on 28/08/2011
I Purchased the above during the 2011 GZ Weekender and began use instantly, perfect, i decided on this model purely due to it's construction with polymer plastic to keep the weight as low as possible. Rate of fire and range 'as stock' is really good. Would highly recommend this M4
Reviewed by max on 16/07/2011
this is exactly the same as the black version which has had many reviews. the only obvious difference is the colour. this gun is made of a better material than plastic but not metal. i prefer this because its lighter and easier to hold. the firepower is also very good at a rate of 320-350 fps. this gun is just quite simply brilliant. the only frustrating part is when you want to put the battery in. its a killer to take the part off. it gets easier overtime though
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