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Reviewed by gary on 28/12/2012
can i first say that i really love this gun, and everytime i fire it i cant help but bust a smile. first the bad parts. for me the bolt catch was incredably loose and unscrewed itself after two uses , this was only a minor problem for me as i was at home at the time and the fix for it was to take the gear box out and screw the pieces back together. the second problem i had was similar to the first reviewr in that the bar which holds the mag on was rotating during use and the 4 welds gave way. thankfully i was not out with the gun and so no damage was done to the mag. so far i have tryed using lots of superglue to get the piece back on which failed. hopefully if i can i will update this when i find a fex which works.
Reviewed by Samuel on 31/05/2012
Cosmetically this gun smashes most of my other weapons to pieces with its truly fearsome looks, the FPS is also truly frightening as mine chrono'd in at about 420... The gun itself performed fairly well on the firing range with merely and hand-full of 0.20 bb's damn long range but else could be expected from that barrel? All round the gun was starting to become everything I had hoped for from seeing the real steel version in action, though it was not all smiles and happiness... Unfortunately for me when putting the bb's into the box mag (bearing in mind it was attached to the gun at this point) the shoddy construction had come into play and to my horror I was looking down at the place the box mag USED to be and had now fallen onto the ground under the weight of the ammo, turns out the bar which is used to hold the magazine on is only spot welded, which isn't the best of ideas for a gun of this price and size, frankly I felt cheated by A&K and though loving everything else about the gun I cannot give this any more than 2 stars, sheerly out of terrible durability.
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