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Systema Aero Cylinder Head (for Version 3 Gearbox)
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Helmet Rank Patch - Lieutenant Colonel (Subdued)
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APS Flip-Up Dinosaurs Rear Sight
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G&P AEG MK23 MG U.S. Navy
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Reviewed by James on 26/08/2013
ok, so first things first, the magazine requires a 9v battery, doesnt mention it on the description, at least notwhen i ordered it. anyway, ow thats said this gun is amazing, and not just because i brought one! i got zero one to downgrade the spring so that its coming in under the 350 limit on .2's and chaged the deans connector t tamiyah so that i can use exsisting batteries. i use an 8.4 3300 which fits just right into the compartment, id say a max of 4000, afterthat it gets a bit snug. the range and fire rante of this gun are amazing, i used it for the NAE weekender and found it brilliant. several times i turned up at a junction and used it to surpress the enemy to allow my team to advance. the range is brilliant, i wasnt outranged by anyone except the occasional sniper, and ot all of them, the accuracy was as could be expected, decent on full auto and good on single fire, of course on full auto you get enough rounds down range that your accuracy doesnt have to be spot on. id recommend this weapon to anyone who wants a lightweight support weapon and the function of single fire, reloading is easy, turn the gun on its side, slide the cover off the side of the box mag and open the bb hatch, pour away. no need to disconnect the mag itself. also avoid over filling because it can cause jams, i did this in the field, tipped a few out and shook the mag to free the jam and she fired fine again. i put about 12,500 rounds through it on the weekend and that was the only jam/problem

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