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Product ID: 2219
SKU: PM5-95

Average Rating 4/5 (6)

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G&G AEG PM5 with Retractable Stock
G&G AEG PM5 with Retractable Stock
Zero One Blitz BB 0.20g 5000rds (White) Box of 10 (Bundle)
Zero One Blitz BB 0.20g 5000rds (White) Box of 10 (Bundle)
Zero One Blitz BB 0.20g 5000rds (White)
Zero One Blitz BB 0.20g 5000rds (White)
Zero One Blitz Extendable Speedloader 1500-2500rds
Zero One Blitz Extendable Speedloader 1500-2500rds

Reviewed by David on 05/03/2016
Just got these mags earlier in the week for my jg mp5sd6. They fit great with no wobble and all have so far fed well without issue. The build quality is great for plastic and the finish is decent. Can't believe they are only 4 quid each.
Reviewed by Steven on 25/04/2015
Very sturdy, they fit nicely in my G&G and have fed flawlessly so far, can't ask for more really.
Reviewed by Krayg on 02/11/2011
I've owned these magazines for over a year now, and I think they're great. They may need the spring stretching a little every now and then, but, as explained below, it's easy to do so that's not much of a problem. They are very reliable, have little to no feeding problems, and are very well priced. In my opinion, these are a must-have for any MP5 user.
Reviewed by Alden on 26/06/2011
The service from zero one was brilliant however the mags... well what can i say... There's alot of them! but they are awful! I have skirmished them once and already 4 have stopped working. Disappointing to be honest, you should really re-think you options when buying. I wish I did!
Reviewed by John on 31/10/2010
These mags are extremely good. They feed well, they are durable and, best of all, there are TEN of them. Compared to my G&G hi-cap mags they fit nice and snug into my MP5. No rattle what so ever. I had a couple of problems with the spring being compressed to much but there is a "hole" behind the feeder for the bb's and if you twist this a quarter turn the spring pops out and then you can just put it back in (with the two ends) and that is it fixed. So all in all GREAT mags for a GREAT price! Buy now!
Reviewed by Sam on 10/07/2010
I bought these magazines from Zero One for £40. Well first off I have to say something about the service I got from Zero One. I ordered my Mags on Wednesday and received them on Thursday so the postage was excellent, next time I order from them I will be using the same FedEx standard service. The customer service was also great, the woman I spoke to on the phone to obtain my tracking number, and the email assistance was excellent. Now to the mag’s - I received the mag’s in the box shown above. Yes it’s basic but they are packed well, with cardboard spacers and to be honest I prefer having a box for them instead of the flimsy plastic/card packet thing most single mag’s come in. There are ten magazines in total, and the box is packed snugly. Before I picked these up I was a bit sceptical about the feel of them. However, once I did, I relly liked them  they didn’t rattle like some metal mid caps tend to do, and because they were plastic, and moulded, instead of made from bent metal, they have a tendancy to fit better(the mag halves) and so have no play in them whatsoever. I subjected one magazine to a rather brutal durability test. This involved dropping it from the second floor onto grass, then concrete; throwing it around the room a bit, and hitting it against things. The set of circumstances that simulated are unforeseeable in airsoft, so I am reassured that they arent going to break on me, as the magazine in question had only a single scratch to show for its scar’s. I also expected them to flex, however when I applied torsion to them, I couldn’t get them to, so I tried harder, but eventually I came to the conclusion that you really cannot flex them  . The lines where the two moulded halves join at are visible, but only noticeable from about 1 meter, and that’s when you’r actually looking to try to see them, so really, I don’t see any problems on that part, although I agree that they could have been built better. There are no trademarks on the magazines which The finish is not a shiny ‘plastic’ black, but instead a dull matt black, not grey. I really like the finish. The mechanisim is the exact same as any normal mid-cap / low cap magazine(spring pushing bb’s through a channel inside the magazine), and so I don’t see the need to comment on it, however there are one or two things that may be worth mentioning. The base of the magazine has a hole in, and recessed in that hole is a small split. It is clearly an intentional split, but I cannot see the reason for having it :s however it really isnt noticeable in any normal situation. There are three parts to the top of the magazine. A small locking screw thing, which holds the spring in place, I will explain its function in the maintenance section of this review. There is the feeding port of the magazine, which is well made, the plastic is a good 3-4mm thick, which reinforces my opinion on its sturdiness. The tab which allows you to manually unload the magazine however, is slightly recessed, and so has to be operated with a screwdriver, rather than just by pulling it back with fingers. This isnt ovbious in the picture so you just have to trust me on that one. The magazine is fairly simple, however as with everything in airsoft, it is vital to maintain if you want it to perform. The moving parts are all removable from the magazine and should be lubricated with silicone to ensure smooth action. To extract the parts, firstly twist the locking screw with either your fingers, if you have nails, or a small screwdriver. You only need to twist it 90 degrees to release it. Hold it in place whilst doing this as if you do not then the spring will send it flying somewhere. Remove this part and place it aside. Now that you have done that, the spacer for the spring will become visible, this stops the spring being over compressed, by stopping bb’s entering the magazine after a certain point. This can be removed from the spring. Finally you can carefully remove the spring from the magazine. On the end of the spring there is a small black nub, connected to another piece which connects to the spring, this makes the nub able to pivot, so when it travells around the loop inside the mag, it will follow smoothly.I suggest spraying this small piece with silicone, and a short spray inside the magazine as well. In conclusion, I really like the magazines. Yes it’s a shame that they arent metal, but they are cheap (£4 each), and they are finished in a nice dull black. They hold exactly 100 bb’s at a push, but I would suggest only loading them to 95. They arent poorly made either, although the lines where the magazine halves were joined are visible, they arent really noticeable. The magazines don’t weigh particularly heavy, but again, that just makes them easier to use. In conclusion I would say that the magazines are desidned to be functional, and to me, surely that’s what airsoft is about, the real steel guys use equipment that is functional, for instance magpul, so surely we should in airsoft too. I would rate them as so: Quality: 4/5 Feel: 4/5 Reliability: Havent tested yet. Finish: 5/5 Price: 5/5 (id put 100000/5 if I could ) Durability: 5/5 Overall then, I give the magazine’s 5/5 Hope you enjoyed my review, feel free to comment. See my full review at the zeroin forums here:

Bb GunPelletSoftair95 Rounds950 RoundsAirsoftBundleMagazineMagsMid CapacityMid-capacityMidcapMp5AresAEGMagPM595rdsBox10
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