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G&G AEG GR14 EBR-L - Main Image © Copyright Zero One Airsoft

G&G AEG GR14 EBR-L - Detail Image 19 © Copyright Zero One Airsoft G&G AEG GR14 EBR-L - Detail Image 20 © Copyright Zero One Airsoft
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The G&G HBA is a truly epic replica of the famous M14 EBR. The real steel creation of the Mk 14 Mod 0 EBR began in 2000 after a request by United States Navy SEALs for a more compact M14 battle rifle. United States Navy SEALs were the first forces to be armed with the EBR in 2004, followed by the U.S. Coast Guard and after that the U.S. Army.

So what can you expect from the airsoft version? For starters the gun looks fantastic. It's big, imposing and doesn't really look anything like its originator except for the magazine, outer barrel and gas cylinder. All of these metal components have been supremely well manufactured and finished with a very dark matt finish. The integrated rail section has space for attachments on the bottom, sides and top and it also features a polymer handguard which has to be removed to store the battery. Whilst many other companies use heavier & weaker metal in their manufacturing process, G&G's HBA RIS rail has been fabricated from aluminium which is much stronger and lighter than any other HBA replica.

The HBA's receiver is metal and is finished to the same high standard as the rest of the gun. Another boon is that is has licensed trademarks from Sage, great for those who like added realism. The fire selector, mag release and the safety are all ambidextrous designs which adds to the universal appeal of this AEG. The bolt release produces one of the greatest clanks in airsoft history, the noise is so nice you just can't help but to slap it into action at every possible opportunity.

The stock can be adjusted to suit most users. It can be slid out and locked into place and the cheek riser is also fully adjustable. There is also a rubberised section on the butt to improve user comfort.

Firing this gun is a treat. The version 7 gearbox cycles fluidly and the controls are easy to operate. The range and accuracy is excellent and the gun can easily suit the roles of a main battle rifle or a designated marksman rifle, just add a bipod, scope and possibly a suppressor and this really does look the part. The HBA by G&G really is an excellent weapon. Not only does it possess an intimidating presence, its powerhouse performance is guaranteed to impress the user.

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G&G GT AdvancedAEGNiMHNiCD20mm RailsFront SightRear SightStock - Retractable

Key Features...
  • Metal Body
  • Licensed Trade-Marks
  • Ambidextrous Controls
  • Locking Bolt Catch
  • Many Metal Components
  • Adjustable Sliding Stock
  • Lightweight Aluminium Rail Block
  • Adjustable Cheek Riser
  • Rubberised Butt stock
  • Sling Points
    Stats & Vitals...
    • Velocity Feet Per Second (FPS): 345
    • Rounds Per Minute (RPM): 650
    • Gearbox Version (GBV): 7
    • Min Length: 855mm
    • Max Length: 1000mm
    • Recommended Battery: Zero One Tesla Battery 8.4v 3700mAh NiMH (Large)
    • Weight (with Magazine): 4900g
    • Inner Barrel Length: 407mm
What's in the box...
Rifle470rdsCleaning RodManual
Any technical or performance figures listed are based on a spot test we performed at a given point in time. These may vary WILDLY because of random alterations made by the manufacturer from batch to batch, gas pressure, ambient temperature, battery charge and so on. Some of the figures therefore should be treated as a very loose guide or indication only, based on the spot tests we have performed. The images and product contents listed are again based on a spot check we performed at a given point in time, and may differ due to changes, omissions or inclusions made by the manufacturer. If you require something specific, such as FPS, you MUST specify this at time of ordering, and take a tuning option where required.

Any images and/or product contents listed are based on a spot check we performed at a given point in time, and may differ due to changes, omissions or inclusions made by the manufacturer without notice.
Zero One Blitz BB 0.20g 5000rds (White)
Zero One Blitz BB 0.20g 5000rds (White)
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Zero One Blitz Extendable Speedloader 1500-2500rds
Tokyo Marui 40mm Pro Scope with 3x to 9x Magnification
Tokyo Marui 40mm Pro Scope with 3x to 9x Magnification
WE GBB SCAR-L (Black) with Tier 1 Upgrades (Bundle)
WE GBB SCAR-L (Black) with Tier 1 Upgrades (Bundle)

Reviewed by Matt on 23/04/2016
A nice gun for the more experienced player who want's something a little bit different and more fancy. Overall, has a nicer build and better finish than the CYMA version, (as to be expected for another £140 or so). Everything is high quality metal, mostly aluminium, except for the bits you would hold / rest on. Hand-guard, grip and cheek-rest are all a decent quality polymer. The lower receiver is one solid piece of machined Aluminium that is about 18 inches long, quite a nice feature, reducing all movement. The rifle begs to be a DMR, with an easy way of locking to semi being the small cam on the left side of the gearbox which changes the fire type. This would be ideal for a site where DMR's are allowed, however my two locals do not allow these. Instead, I put an M105 spring in, as the original was kicking out about 300 fps, the M105 took it up to 345 (on a 0.2g) The rifle is rather front heavy, so is ideal for attaching a bi-pod, this can be done easily with the rails on the unit. I also use a 4x32 scope, which is perfect for the 70-75m range I now get from the rifle (I tested this on my local site range) Over to the reasons why it is only a 4 out of 5 now... First, is the battery compartment. This requires 6 Allan screws to be taken out, just to get to the battery - a slow and tedious process, but worth the security it provides and is large enough to hold most Nimhs up to about 2000mah, and lipo's of similar capacity. Another note on the battery, it is incredibly power hungry, my 9.6v NiMhs only lasted around 400 rounds each! This meant I had to buy a full LiPo setup, which cost in excess of £60 on top of the gun price. My 1300Mah LiPos do last around 1600 rounds however, and the gun runs fine on both 7.4v and 11.1v. Next is the Magazines. Where G&G have created their own new gearbox (which is perfectly fine, and very efficient), this invades the magwell, meaning that the magazines must be G&G own, with a different cut-out and mag catch. These are nearly 3 times the price of the CYMA or other Chinese alternatives. Next was the Hop-Up. This came misaligned, and from what I have heard is not a rare occurrence. This took me quite a while to fix, which is another issue I have with the rifle, but I'll get to that. It took no additional parts, simply a re-fit, where the rubber was not directly in the right place. Finally, the take-down process. If you are like me, you will love to take this thing apart, and have a play. This is not a short task however, there are over 25 screws required to get to the gearbox, along with some rather fiddly levers and bolt covers etc. It is not difficult, just slow. I personally shortened the trigger pull, as this was rather long, and made double taps quite difficult. I did this just with some spacers between the trigger and the gearbox lever attached to the connections. Overall, this is a great gun for those who enjoy the techie side just as much as playing and want a rifle they can truly make their own. however I would not recommend this for someone who is afraid to take a look inside should something go wrong.
Reviewed by Toby on 24/04/2015
Really great rifle, you get what you pay for. Solid and high quality, has lasted me 2 years without a problem. However is very heavy for what it is, and to be honest, i'm a little too small to take on this beast. But all in all an epic gun.

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CYMA AEG M14 SOC 16 (Black)
CYMA AEG M14 SOC 16 (Black)
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