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Product ID: 2467
SKU: GP035

Average Rating 4/5 (1)
From the outset, this is the king of scopes. If you own an armalite rifle, this is a must have!
Airsoft,Air Soft,Dorset,Hampshire,Bb Gun,Pellet,Softair,Airsoft,Magnified,Optics,Scope,G&P,ACOG,Type,4x32
Not all optics can withstand direct impact from BBs and on occasion, if you are very unlucky, this can result in chipped, cracked or broken lenses. Damaged lenses are not covered by warranty. Most players take the risk and are never unfortunate enough for it to happen to them, but we recommend purchasing a BB shield to protect your shiny new optic, just in case.
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Reviewed by Alex on 01/04/2019
Magnification is good, reticle is not authentic but is functional, with a fine cross and some range markings. Build is solid, body appears to be metal with metal mount and screws. Zeroing is possible by removing the plastic caps on the top and side of the scope which exposes a flathead screw each for elevation and windage. There's a lot of available adjustment in them, more than enough for my needs. Only reason it doesn't get a 5 star is because the markings for zeroing are opposite intuition and only marked with 'left' and 'up' with the direction to go. This is not impact left or impact up like you would expect, it's the opposite. The backup iron sights on the top of the scope are also ranged way high, high enough that if I aimed for someone's chest at the other end of the room there's a chance he's not having kids anymore. These issues are both easily remedied however simply by knowing about them, otherwise this is a great scope. I should also mention that I've got mine over the rear sight of a G36C, with the lowest point of the scope having 20mm clearance from the rail. If you have anything on the rail rearward of this that rises above 20mm you'll need to consider mounting the scope further forward.

Bb GunPelletSoftairAirsoftMagnifiedOpticsScopeG&PACOGType4x32
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