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JBU Ultra Accuracy FFF GBB Inner Barrel 6.01mm x 440mm - Main Image © Copyright Zero One Airsoft

Zero One is the Official UK Distributor of JBU
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SKU: JA-126
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The JBU Ultra Accuracy FFF is a high performance inner barrel that has been designed to outperform standard tight bore barrels. JBU's patented design will improve the range, accuracy and grouping of your airsoft weapon thanks to a couple of unique features.

When a BB enters the barrel it's held in a perfectly centralised position by specially machined grooves. At the other end of the barrel there are four channels that are used to evenly allocate the release of air from each shot. These design features eliminate any movement from the BB and promote greatly improved consistency for every shot.

This is a unique upgrade and a must have for any operator who wants to gain the edge on the opposition.

  • Zero One is the Official UK Distributor of JBU

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