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Jack Pyke Charcoal Hand Warmer - Main Image © Copyright Zero One Airsoft

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Jack Pyke
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Reviewed by Anthony on 25/07/2018
How many times have I said "Put your hands around this if they are cold". Too many it seems, and Prison life has changed me for the better. There are pros and cons with this. Yes it will keep you warm but they have a habit of going out. If you have gone dark and lights and matches are banned you are trying to light this in a sleeping bag hoping nobody spots it. You can now get disposable ones that last 8 hours without any lighting. They stay hot and don't smell. However these are still great. Great to pop in a bag to keep from Gas mags from getting too cold and letting your gas out with a quick pull of your trigger.
Reviewed by James Parker on 01/06/2006
These have kept me warm on many cold nights. The heat last for ages and keeps you nice and warm.

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