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King Arms Patriot 2 Style Compact SMG Conversion Kit for M4... 62.03GBP▼ 33.67%Web-Tex Bungall... 1.65GBP▲ 10.74%Systema N-B Cylinder Type 1... 2.50GBP▼ 10.07%Rlux Custom Beserker Airsoft Mask... 35.83GBP▼ 4.15%KM-HEAD Inner Barrel with Teflon Coating 6.04mm x 590mm... 22.61GBP▼ 8.68%Blackhawk Magnetic Lightstick Base... 3.30GBP▼ 43.1%7.62 Design T-Shirt 'Vietnam Veterans' (Black) - Size Extra Large... 4.56GBP▲ 7.55%Systema Upper Sliding Plate (for Version 3 Gearbox)... 2.33GBP▲ 92.56%Rlux Custom Templar Airsoft Mask... 46.55GBP▲ 121.56%ICS Front Sling Loop for PM5 SD Series... 2.40GBP▲ 0.42%Zero One Rugged Carry Case 105cm (Tan)... 66.11GBP▲ 0.7%Vanguard PLCE FFD/Compass Pouch for Shoulder (DPM)... 1.88GBP▼ 39.94%Tru-Spec PASGT Helmet Cover Rip-Stop (Desert Choc-Chip)... 1.13GBP▼ 19.86%Shoulder Flash Pair - Royal Marines Commando (MTP)... 1.48GBP▼ 21.69%Systema Helical Gear Set Infinity for GBV2, GBV3... 39.24GBP▲ 5.74%Tru-Spec Commando Watchband (Olive) - 8 1/4"... 2.47GBP▲ 24.75%Highlander Kadar Pocket Torch (Olive)... 3.99GBP▲ 25.08%ZCA Anti-Reversal Latch (for Version 2 & 3 Gearbox)... 2.44GBP▼ 5.43%ICS Metal Rear Sight for AK74... 11.84GBP▲ 59.35%Blackhawk Buttstock Mag Pouch (Black)... 15.34GBP▼ 12.54%ESP Textile Handcuffs (Yellow)... 1.80GBP▼ 14.29%Rank Slide Pair (Desert DPM) - 2/Lieutenant... 1.90GBP▼ 5%Tokyo Marui Gearbox Case for M14... 23.09GBP▲ 8.76%Tru-Spec U.S. BDU Shirt (City Urban) - Chest XL 45-49"... 3.91GBP▼ 1.01%G&G Handguard for G&G L85A2... 26.00GBP▲ 59.12%Viper MOLLE Ranger Pack (Olive)... 39.35GBP▲ 12.27%Evolution LR300 ML-AXL (Tan)... 234.42GBP▲ 12.78%Qualification Badge - Para Wings (Colour)... 0.94GBP▼ 3.09%Devgru Radio Connector for Garmin & Others... 8.14GBP▼ 30.55%ASG AEG Mag for 805 Bren 550rds... 16.36GBP▼ 8.14%
HurricanE Air Nozzle for G3
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Tru-Spec UBACS (MultiCam) - Size Small
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Viper Rucksack Cover (MultiCam) - Large
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Zero One Key Chain "PM5SD3"
Zero One Key Chain "PM5SD3"
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APS Seal Lube 6000 Gel (Pack of 2)
APS Seal Lube 6000 Gel (Pack of 2)

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APS Seal Lube 6000 Gel (Pack of 2)
Traditional silicone sprays or lubricants contain petroleum ingredients. However, the o-rings and rubber seals used in airsoft are also a composition of petroleum products. So over time there is a negative chemical reaction between the silicone lubricant and the o-rings or seals. The silicone dissolves and absorbs the petroleum element inside the o-rings, making them weak, deform and finally break down. APS have come up with the solution, they have made an advanced lubricant called Seal Lube 6000, or as we like to call it, ‘Magic Goop’!

This magic goop is made from 100% synthetic lubricants so it does not contain any distilled petroleum that could harm parts in your gun. The 2ml gel is convenient for carrying and will last ages. There is no other product quite like it. It does wonders for lubricating, preserving and replenishing o-rings. Our tech guys love the stuff, which is high praise indeed.

Order by 2pm today and you could receive this item tomorrow when choosing a Next Day service.
What's in the box...
x2 2ml Tubes
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