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APS Carbine Conversion Kit for GK17/GK18C (Black) - Main Image © Copyright Zero One Airsoft

Zero One is the Official UK Distributor of APS
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  • Zero One is the Official UK Distributor of APS

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Reviewed by Paul on 20/12/2023
The APS kit is a brilliantly simple way to convert G17/18c to a carbine and add some stability for linger shots. It's a quick fut with two pins to remove and slide front and rear section to open it up. Fit the correct cocking handle, drop in the pistol and close it up. Takes 30 secs once practiced but I rarely need to remove it unless thorough cleaning or replacing pistol parts. I had the Roni G1 and sold it, keeping tge APS kit as I preferred it. With the G18c the semi/fully auto control is easy to operate unlike the G1.. Its a robust conversion with minimal flexing unless you deliberately go about twisting it. In use no issues at all. Now there's one nice feature I discovered by accident. The flash hider and mount remove by loosening 3 bolts holding side rails and bottom rail. One off a 20-25mm dia suppressor can be fitted with ease. The kit helps support the suppressor and it makes for a quieter weapon. I'm using a 109mm supressor and 50mm sticks out. It's a great hack? It looks great and cuts down on noise. I'd reccomend this if using a g18c or looking for a gbb smg that won't break the bank and mags don't cist the earth either this fits the bill. Had mine 2+ years and no issues.
Reviewed by steven on 14/10/2016
update to my previous review : after a bit of tinkering I found that trimming a small section where the rear of the gun fits now lets it sit almost level - knocking the plastic tubular reducer out of the flash hider too gave enough clearance for the pellets to leave the front without hitting the inside, so with the addition of a pair of flip-up sights it now works as it should... with the pistol in place it looks & feels pretty cool too, and it will make a good sniper back-up as it is light enough to hang on a single point sling - if a full-auto G18 was used it could be used for CQB as well. all in all a decent bit of kit for the money.
Reviewed by steven on 11/10/2016
initially this looked great, but it went downhill once I put the pistol in place - it fits ok but ends up angled upwards, so the pellet barely clears the end of the barrel extension on its way up... the other problem is the stock doesn't extend far, so to be comfortable you need arms no more than 2 feet long. sturdy & well-made, but the angled aspect the pistol takes inside kind of ruins it.

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APS Carbine Conversion Kit for GK17/GK18C (Black)
APS Carbine Conversion Kit for GK17 / GK18C (Black)
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