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WE GBB M1911 A1 - Main Image © Copyright Zero One Airsoft

WE GBB M1911 A1 - Detail Image 1 © Copyright Zero One Airsoft WE GBB M1911 A1 - Detail Image 2 © Copyright Zero One Airsoft WE GBB M1911 A1 - Detail Image 3 © Copyright Zero One Airsoft WE GBB M1911 A1 - Detail Image 4 © Copyright Zero One Airsoft WE GBB M1911 A1 - Detail Image 5 © Copyright Zero One Airsoft
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Product ID: 1889
Rated 4/5Rated 4/5Rated 4/5Rated 4/5Rated 4/5
Average Rating 4/5 (19)

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Wow, what a pistol! This feels great in hand; really heavy, solid and cold (from the metal!). She'll pack a punch and deliver on target.
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Key Features...
  • Blowback System
  • Metal Slide & Frame
  • Great Weight
  • Black Finish
Stats & Vitals...
  • Velocity Feet Per Second (FPS): 300 (Average, across 10 Test Shots)
  • Length: 220mm
  • Gas Type: ZO ProGas
  • Weight (with Magazine): 1100g
  • Inner Barrel Length: 112.5mm
What's in the box...
  • Pistol
  • 15rds Magazine

Any technical or performance figures listed are based on a spot test we performed at a given point in time. These may vary WILDLY because of random alterations made by the manufacturer from batch to batch, gas pressure, ambient temperature, battery charge and so on. Some of the figures therefore should be treated as a very loose guide or indication only, based on the spot tests we have performed. The images and product contents listed are again based on a spot check we performed at a given point in time, and may differ due to changes, omissions or inclusions made by the manufacturer. If you require something specific, such as FPS, you MUST specify this at time of ordering, and take a tuning option where required.

Any images and/or product contents listed are based on a spot check we performed at a given point in time, and may differ due to changes, omissions or inclusions made by the manufacturer without notice.

WE GBB Mag for 1911 15rds (Black)
WE GBB Mag for 1911 15rds (Black)
ZO ProGas
ZO ProGas
ZO GBB Pistol Starter Pack (Bundle)
ZO GBB Pistol Starter Pack (Bundle)
Abbey Silicone Gun Oil 35 Aerosol 150ml
Abbey Silicone Gun Oil 35 Aerosol 150ml
Amomax Rigid Polymer Holster for 1911 (Black)
Amomax Rigid Polymer Holster for 1911 (Black)
ZO Blitz BB 0.25g 5000rds (White)
ZO Blitz BB 0.25g 5000rds (White)
Viper Speedloading Tool 90rds
Viper Speedloading Tool 90rds
Retevis H-777 Plus Radio
Retevis H-777 Plus Radio
MFH Hydration Backpack 2.5L (MultiCam)
MFH Hydration Backpack 2.5L (MultiCam)
Abbey Barrel Cleaning Wipes
Abbey Barrel Cleaning Wipes
101 Inc Deluxe Pistol Lanyard (Black)
101 Inc Deluxe Pistol Lanyard (Black)
ZO AEG Spring M160
ZO AEG Spring M160

Reviewed by Matt on 21/04/2015
Overall a not bad pistol. I have had this gun for about 18 months now. My one was an older purchase which did come with two mags but cost nearer £120 rather than the new price. The range and consistency is great, in fact better than my old Combat Machine and feels great to use and hold. However, this pistol is extremely fussy on gas. Zeroone Pro Gas would not even cycle the weapon in a warm home, the minimum is WE Premium and that is still likely to fire only a few shots before cooling. The slide is also quite wobbly and them manufacturer paint rubbed off really easily (i did not have two-tone). The slide catch has worn and rounded and is a bit iffy. So overall, DO NOT buy this gun if you want an all year workhorse( buy a plastic TM). But DO buy this gun if you want a great feeling and shooting gun that you can only use during the warmer months.
Reviewed by Fraser on 18/03/2014
My first airsoft purchase, I give it 4/5, the missing point will be the fact i was under the impression that this pistol came with 2 magazines, after countless youtube reviews of the gun and unboxings revealing that everyone i seen buying this gun got their 2 mags, i opened the box to find only 1. I called up zero one and they checked their stock and said the manufacturer must not be doing that anymore, wow how great, so i told them to change the details on this item, so now it no longer tells you there is a spare mag, EVERYTHING ELSE great pistol, very satisfied with the paint job for two tone lookswise, but durability, the paint literally scratches off. will come in handy for when i have UKARA and i remove all the paint. i would defininitely recommend this to another rookie airsofter like myself
Reviewed by Mark on 07/02/2014
As soon as you open the box you'll go wow ! I had mine painted two tone and you would not believe it had been done by Zero One, the quality of the paint work looks like it was made that way by the manufacturer. Its a heavy weight but you should expect that as its all metal. It' a lot louder compared to a plastic model but nothing bad and it gives that little bit more realism to it. You can still use it in the house without the neighbours complaining. The Blow bag is great, nice and smooth and not too hard so you can use it with one hand. Two magazines is a bonus as it takes a while to load, the spring is very strong and there is just a tiny bit of plastic to hold it down with. If you have large fingers its easy to lose your grip. With two mags though, you can get 30 rounds setup. The slide catch works a treat so you know when you've used the last round. No more firing nothing if you don't count the shots fired. The only negative thing that I can say about this product is the instruction booklet. Its very basic and not the best of english. I know you need to keep the gun lubricated but there is nothing in there to say where or how to do that or how often it needs to be done. If anyone is loking for a good starting GBB, then you can't go much wrong with this one.
Reviewed by chris on 01/02/2014
This is a great looking gun and a classic model, i got this gun as a display piece and it looks amazing, the feel and weight of this gun is very good, the slide action is very nice, has 2 mags with it as well which is great value and a bonus to display, green side as i dont have a licence but it does not take away anything from the look. it was very well sent and very well packaged, if you like guns just for there looks its a good choice to get this gun, 1911 is a classic and worth the money.
Reviewed by Richard on 20/09/2013
Personally, I love this pistol the only issue I have is that the magazines can be quite temperamental. but as ive researched its just an issue with the small gas reservoir in slim type 1911 pistols aha. Hope to have it see more action soon
Reviewed by jack on 01/09/2013
Great gun got it a while ago and its great took it to a skirmish and it really helped me out in some situation the blow back effect is pretty cool and so far not many problems other than it does rattle a bit and it gets through your gas quite quickly but other than that great gun.
Reviewed by Yvonne on 02/08/2012
Only down side is the slide rattles a lot, doesn't seem very sturdy. Except that everything else is perfect! my starter pistol and shall remain with me until it dies
Reviewed by Susan on 13/06/2012
just got this today and wow first off it comes with 2 mags which is a great deal. The because i don't have a UKARA i got it 2 tone it came with a green slide which honestly i don't mind. the weight is great. It came pre gassed which is a bonus.I love this gun
Reviewed by Kennie on 07/04/2012
Really excited to get this 1911, looks and feels amazing, only problem is that i've never been able to skirmish with it. Out of the box it would only fire once then nothing. took it back to where i bought it and they charged me to replace the seals on the mags, still doesnt work, unless your happy with one shot per mag, great shame. Had I known of the problems and the cost involved in trying to get it right I would have gone for a more well known grand. still gutted about it and will try one last time to get it working as it does look great
Reviewed by Alex on 02/03/2012
Only buy this if you have experience. I honestly enjoyed this gun. I owned several, yet they are a lot of hassle to keep in perfect working order. On the plus side though, construction is solid, it takes real steel grips, and the gun is nicely weighted. Certainly one of the best feeling "out of the box" full metal 1911 pistols. A lack of trades may put off collectors. As a skirmish side arm it works. It is a working gun, not a thing of beauty, paint flakes off fast and the ejection port takes a lot of wear. The accuracy and power are both excellent, though it is let down by hammer issues and the need to file and tweak the hammer. Overall good gun, just let down by reliability and it's inability to cycle fast in cold weather.
Reviewed by Gianpiero on 07/02/2012
Reviewed by Gianpiero on 07/02/2012
Great gun for a decoration piece and great for looking cool. With mine, i sanded of the paint on the slide and a few other smaller parts and then used wire wool to give it a lovely smooth texture which might take some know how to completely disassemble but now it look amazing. If your looking for a skirmishing gun this is NOT for you. The reliability of this gun is pretty damn poor, it runs out of gas in about 8 shots whereas the magazine has much higher capacity of about 15 rounds... (I think) and only occasionally locks back on empty. Another thing, on the plus side this time (sort of) is that it can take actual 1911 grips with only very little struggle. back to the bad... the hammer can sometimes be a little bit of a struggle to physically umm... go forward... if thats the right terminology. back on the good... the gun is very easily disassembled nearly the same as the real steel and if you so wish to use it on the field (unrecommended) a jam can be solved or what ever you need to do. All of that aside, the gun is a great replica and i absolutely LOVE it, even more so after all the modifications, it makes it my own and although the shooting is poor, its still a great gun, a little bit pricey in my view but would definitely recommend it for anyone who wants a bit of a challenge in modifying and lovely, personal gun.
Reviewed by Peter on 05/07/2011
Such a nice and weighty gun - feels great and looks the real deal. A little temperamental in winter but altogether a great pistol. My only niggle is that both my magazines have broken (although still usable I have to load from the top of the slide - slow and fiddly!)
Reviewed by David on 24/03/2011
got this this morning, quick delivery, cheap but well built product. my only niggle is the grips very plasticy. they wont break easy but personally i hate the feel.
Reviewed by Jean on 09/03/2011
this pistol is my first it is very good not so good in winter but its all good.
Reviewed by jack on 06/03/2011
(: it is a very good gun and i an going to give it 5 star :)
Reviewed by Geoffrey on 17/12/2010
This is a awesome pistol and I highly recommend it. Due to it being full metal it's not great in winter. The slide doesn't always lock back when empty either. It has a nice loud sound, I've managed to scare a few people coming around a corner and letting loose! It comes with a spare mag which is a definite plus.
Reviewed by John on 31/10/2010
Got this pistol a couple of weeks ago and have skirmished it a load of times since. It was my first GBB pistol and it jus makes me want to buy more. Quite heavy, nice and cold, and realistic (as iv'e been told by someone who has handled an actual 1911). With one charge of gas i can get two mags full from it. However on some cold days at the end of the second fill of the mag (with bb's) the slide did not lock back. On the even colder days i only got one mag from it and then the slide didn't lock back. But the power and consistency of the shots is awesome, even on the coldest days. With the realism of this gun and the two mags, plus just the fact that it is a 1911 (and full metal) i would definitely buy this gun. Oh and one last thing i compared it to the TM one and it is way better, hop is better, power is better and realism is better. So definitely buy this gun!
Reviewed by Nick on 27/08/2010
I got this with vouchers for xmas as my first pistol. It is an amazing bit of kit, nice and heavy and cold and fires like a dream. All my mates that have had a heft instantly want one, I have had some awesome kills with this and if I get a decent amount of vouchers from the family this xmas I'm highly tempted to get another and go for some John Woo action at Sopley. 2 mags came with it and except for very cold days I have had no problems and get 2 loads of bb's per charge. For a GBB pistol - look no further.

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