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ZO Patch Collector
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ZO Ghillie Crafting Mesh Screen (Black) - Main Image © Copyright Zero One Airsoft

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Zero One
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Crafting your own unique Ghillie Suit can be a very satisfying thing to do, and we are pleased to offer a full range of crafting components to help you accomplish this.

This is the perfect material to help reduce the hard, obvious shapes created by the human body, making it easier to blend into the environment. The thin, Mesh texture is easy to cut and is ideal for mixing in with natural foliage, then hitch knotted to your Ghillie suit. The thinness of the material allows you to build up layers of the Mesh, thereby changing the colour and opacity of that section of your Ghillie.

ZO Tip: Don't forget though, incorporating some real foliage from your local Airsoft site will greatly enhance the effectiveness of your Ghillie suit, allowing for some truly legendary, hidden takedowns!

ZO Tip:When spraying your weapon (!), lay some of Mesh over it, thereby creating a coloured pattern on the surface.
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Key Features...
  • 150mm x 22 Metres
  • Lightweight & Thin
  • Easy To Cut
  • Soft Touch
What's in the box...
  • ZO Ghillie Crafting Mesh Screen (Black)

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